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David James
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8 May 2015

Changes to Rural Policing

At a Neighbourhood Watch meeting on 8th April PCSO David Trowbridge outlined changes to our policing boundaries. These have been altered to bring them into line with the TVBC wards in the area. David’s ‘beat’ now stops at the A303 and no longer includes Monxton although he is still available to assist with any problems. The following officers will be policing our rural neighbourhoods:

  • PS 2985 Russ Hodges (
  • PC 2000 Roy Dowinton (
  • PC 2544 Steve Taylor (
  • PC 3332 Don Stubbington (
  • PCSO 15062 David Trowbridge – Andover North (Bourne Valley & Penton Bellinger) (
  • PCSO 15559 Cathy Bonter – Andover South (Broughton & Stockbridge, Over Wallop & Amport) (
  • PCSO 14850 Lisa Flowers – Andover East (Anna & Harewood) (currently on maternity leave)

The above officers may be contacted via 101 and asked for by name or collar number.

Hampshire Constabulary police bulletins are now being issued by Hampshire Alert, to which anyone may sign up at The alerts cover the whole county, not just our area, and can be a bit overwhelming. It is our intention to filter any local alerts of an urgent nature and post them on Monxton Matters.

Telephone Scams

These never seem to go away and people still fall for them. Hampshire Trading Standards latest bulletin includes:

  • Banking Fraud; the initial unsolicited contact is made by telephone, and the caller will claim to work for an official body such as the Metropolitan Police or other Police forces, a bank, the Ministry of Justice or a fraud investigation unit. The caller will allege there has been unusual activity on the persons bank account and that money will need to be withdrawn or transferred in some way. The attempted fraud may then develop in different ways but usually aims to get money or credit cards out of the victim. Never give personal information about your bank account over the phone. Never hand money over to someone at the door to be sent elsewhere. If someone claims to be a police officer ask for their ID number and tell them you will call back using the 101 number, hang up and wait ten minutes before calling or use a different phone.
  • Pensions Scams; From April new flexibility will give people aged 55 and over more freedom over how they access their pension. People may be contacted by scammers seeking to exploit people’s interest in the change in law, asking them to transfer their money into bogus accounts or investment scams.

The Pensions Regulator has set up a website full of advice for savers on how to spot a scam or what to do if they think they have been targeted by a scammer. For further information please go to The Pensions Regulator web site.

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