Household Emergency Action Plan

An emergency can affect anybody with little or no notice. Being prepared can help reduce the effects on people’s lives, reduce the need for support from others and enable you to support the vulnerable members of your community.

Emergencies such as floods, fires, gas explosions and bomb threats may require you to leave your home for short periods of time. Other incidents such as disruption to essential services that we all rely upon (such as water, electricity, telecoms and travel networks) or being stranded due to adverse weather or illness are not always an emergency but can affect our everyday lives.

If you are involved in an incident and believe you may be in danger always dial 999 and request the appropriate emergency assistance.

If however you are not in danger but may be affected indirectly, you may be advised to: GO IN, STAY IN, TUNE IN.

Print and complete the HEAP below where required and keep your plan in a safe and accessibly place in your home.

Household Emergency Action Plan

To obtain further information:

Radio Station
BBC Radio Solent (Frequency 96.1 and 103.8FM)
Heart FM (Frequency 96.7 and 97.5FM)
Wave 105 (frequency 105.2FM)

Websites giving updated information and guidance in times of emergency

Non-emergency telephone numbers
Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service – 023 8064 4000
Hampshire Constabulary – 101
Maritime & Coastguard Agency – 023 9255 2100
NHS 111 – 111
Floodline – 0845 988 1188
Hampshire County Council/Hants Direct – 0845 603 5638

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