Parish Council Minutes – 18 November 2015

Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 18th November 2015 in the Monxton Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllr S Dowding – Vice Chairman, Cllr J Balding, Cllr P Parfrey, Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk, David James – Neighbourhood Watch, County Councillor Mrs Z Brooks, Members of the Public – 8

Apologies: Cllr M Cleugh – Chairman, Cllr D Bateman and Borough Councillor Mr Ben Few-Brown.

WELCOME – Cllr S Dowding welcomed everyone to the meeting.

DECLARATION OF INTERESTS – There were no declarations of interest recorded.

MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC – The Clerk reported that he had not received any request to address the meeting.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING – Cllr S Dowding signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record.

15/02647/CLEN – Application for lawful development certificate for use of the land edged in red on the attached plan as garden, since the date of 1988 – Oakcutts, Old Stockbridge Road, Middle Wallop.

Cllr S Dowding stated that Mr Paul Flippance, the Architect for this planning application had asked to address the meeting.

Mr Paul Flippance gave a site history and the various applications that have been submitted to Test Valley Borough Council. Mr Flippance explained why this latest application has been submitted, it is more of a legal issue to provide evidence of the garden/curtilage on the site. 5 affidavits have been submitted with the application to back up the application.

The Parish Council discussed this application and agreed that they had NO OBJECTION to this planning application.

FOX FARM – The appeal submitted on the 3rd July 2015 has been dismissed/refused by The Environment Agency. Test Valley Borough Council have yet to comment.

15/02535/TREEN – Crown raise Plum by up to 3m. Remove middle stem of one Sycamore. Fell 2 Sycamore – Monxton Manor, Amport Road, Monxton. The Parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS to this planning application.

ENVIRONMENT – Cllr J Balding

FLOODING – Ground water levels are constantly monitored and are very low according to the readings taken on the 12th November 2015. At present there are no Flood warnings for Monxton.

It was noted that the water in the weir has reached the level where it is starting to flow in to the river bed. Several river issues were briefly discussed and noted.

FOOTPATHS – The Hook Lane bridleway is blocked in several places. Amport parish Council have been contacted to see if a joint venture could be undertaken to clear the bridleway. A broken stile at Manor Farm has been reported 4 times and has still not been repaired.

TRAFFIC – Cllr S Dowding

The Speed Watch Scheme is quiet at the moment due to Alan Barbone’s work commitments. The scheme is in need of more volunteers.

Test Valley and Hampshire County Council have been contacted to chase up various issues. The village gateways and the extension to the speed limits are now promised for the summer of 2016. It is very disappointing that the date for their implementation has been extended from the original promised date of early 2015.

After some discussion it was agreed that the Police should be contacted about the regular disregard for the width restrictions by coaches and large HGV’s.

New oak posts have been installed round the village pond, which has enhanced the look of the pond area.

VILLAGE HALL – Cllr S Dowding

There has been a good response from the village to the recent questionnaire on the refurbishment and plans for the Village Hall. TVBC have confirmed that there is probably no height restriction for the site. A planning application is to be submitted and fund raising will start with an event on the 21st November 2015. It is hoped to start the project in 2017 if the funding is in place. The Village will be kept informed of progress.


None-dwelling burglaries and an increase in scams remain a problem in our area, there has been an incident in Monxton.

Our local PCSO has proposed a joint presentation with Amport to inform residents of the increase in cyber-crime and id theft and how to protect your personal details.

SUNNYBANK – Report submitted by Cllr D Bateman

The overgrown bus stop still needs to be cleared and has been reported. Damage to the 30mph sign has been reported to Highways. Highways have carried out verge repairs and the byway has been cut back, but there is now an increasing problem with motorcycles and cars.

FINANCE – Parish Clerk

ACCOUNTS – 1st April 2015 – 18th November 2015

Opening Balance BF              = £5,293.92
Precept                                    = £5,200.00
Police Grant                          = £1,000.00
Defibrillator Grant                 = £1,381.75

Wages                                 = £1,600.00
Insurance                              = £410.44
Play Ground Inspection           =   £65.40
Village Maintenance              = £1,125.00
Dog Bins                               =   £130.08
Speed Watch Scheme            =   £767.87
Administration                      =   £117.80
Chairman’s Expenses             =    £68.77
Defibrillator                         = £1,658.10
Rubbish Bin                          =   £452.14

= £6,396.60

BALANCE IN BANK       = £6,480.07

VAT to be Claimed £527.37

£1000.00 for Village Project/Maintenance

2016/2017 PRECEPT
The 2016/2017 Precept will be discussed and set at the January meeting.

Cllr Mrs Z Brooks reported that she is trying to organise a meeting with all the Parishes in her Ward and Hampshire County Council Highways Officers. It is hoped that outstanding issues in the parishes and the way forward will be discussed. Cllr Mrs Z Brooks will keep the Parish Council up-dated of her progress.

Cllr S Dowding thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

20th January 2016

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