Theft of Horse Trailer in Monxton

This is a message sent via Hampshire Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Hampshire Constabulary.

red trailerBetween Thursday 30th April at 18:30 and Saturday May 1st at 08:20, a horse box was stolen from Monxton, Andover. The offenders broke into a stable yard on Broad Road, Monxton and cut off a wheel clamp to steal the trailer.

The trailer was an Ifor Williams 505 in red and white, similar to the attached picture, there was no partition in the rear and there were two navy blue single brace bars.

There was a non standard reversing mirror attached to the front of it and there were also £300 of new rubber mats inside. The serial number for the trailer is 5006642 and the draw bar code is 5-59750.

The trailer had the number plate KW04NAG attached to it; however it is likely that this will have been removed.

Please keep a look out for this trailer that may have been hidden away somewhere, or if you are offered or see any similar for sale, please call 101 quoting reference 44160163407.

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