Parish Council Minutes – 16 March 2016

Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council meeting held on Monday 16th March 2016 in the Monxton Village Hall at 7.45pm.

Present: Cllr M Cleugh – Chairman, Cllr S Dowding – Vice Chairman, Cllr P Parfrey, Cllr D Bateman, Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk, Borough Councillor Mr Ben Few-Brown, Members of the Public – 5
Apologies: County Councillor Mrs Z Brooks.

 WELCOME –The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Cllr M Cleugh declared an interest in the Planning Application 15/02913/FULLN.

The Clerk reported that he had not received any request to address the meeting.

The Chairman signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record.


  • Corner Cottage 15/02913/FULLN – erection of a 4 bed Thatched cottage in the rear garden. Objections – various neighbours – on the basis of height, traffic and being overlooked.

Monxton Parish Council commented re Height vs neighbours.

  • Meadow View 16/00434/LBWN – construction of a double garage.

Monxton Parish Council had no objections.

  • Barn Cottage – 16/00284/FULLN – erection of a double garage with ancillary accommodation over.

Monxton Parish Council strongly objected on the height and size of the new building in relation to the size in comparison to the curtilage, size of the existing dwelling and the proximity to the High Street.

The Chairman invited a neighbour of the site to speak. Concerns were raised about the demolition of an old cob wall that has not been mentioned in the planning application. It was also pointed out that the neighbour’s garden is 3 foot higher.

The Chairman asked Cllr Mr Ben Few-Brown to bring this application to committee and not let it be determined by the Planning Officer.

  • Pillhill Lodge 16/00482/FULLN – An extension to the garage to link with the main dwelling; removal of garage door and replace with timber glazing.

Monxton Parish Council had no objections.

The Chairman gave an up-date on the Alpine Group at Manor Farm, who are still looking for an alternative site. A summary of recent communication from Trevor Barry, Corporate Managing Director, Alpine Group was given. The Chairman and Cllr Mr B Few-Brown will make contact and suggest another meeting with Trevor Barry for an up-date.

The Chairman reported that over the last 2 months there have been no issues raised by villagers about the Nelson Lorries going through Monxton.

ENVIRONMENT – Cllr J Balding

Statement from Mike James SW Water:
I said I would keep you updated with the repair work at Monxton Wastewater Pumping Station but, before doing so, please let me apologise for the inconvenience caused by the fleet of tankers in the village during the weekend – up to 13 at the peak of activity although we were able to relieve the congestion by directing some of these to take their loads from Furzedown Lane Pumping Station in Amport.

The work described to you on Friday was completed on Sunday, after some delay in sourcing appropriate piping which necessitated equipment being specially manufactured overnight while Southern Water staff continued to work overnight on site. There were also difficulties in exposing the rising main when groundwater levels are high, resulting in the pit we were digging in the field filling with water which had to be pumped away while we worked. However, we are now successfully over pumping from the wet well into the rising main to maintain levels in the well which gives relief to homes in Monxton. This arrangement will continue until all repairs have been completed. I should repeat that this problem has been caused by an equipment failure – not a groundwater issue.

As previously reported, we shall make good any damage caused by tankers and will re-instate the field as soon as possible. Again, thanks to Mr Hayward for the allowing access to our equipment via his field.

Mr Adrian Drage spoke at length about two major incidents that have occurred during recent months and the effect flooding has had on properties in Chalkpit Lane. It was felt that a long term solution and not yet been found and Southern Water need to address this. It was suggested that Southern Water are invited to a Parish Council meeting to give an up-date on their proposals for Monxton.

It was noted that the majority of the road drains in the village are blocked or silted up, hence surface water ends up in the lowest part of the village at the junction of the High Street and Chalkpit Lane, often causing surface water flooding after rainfall. This needs addressing by Hampshire County Council Highways.

TRAFFIC – Cllr S Dowding

SPEEDWATCH – More volunteers are needed to enable the scheme to operate at different times of the day. A request for volunteers will be in the Village News.

There have been several incidents of damage to parked cars in the High Street by large vehicles. It was also noted that the majority of the verges in the village have also been damaged by large vehicles.

GATEWAYS – After a site meeting with Highways the positions of the gateways has been agreed, a map showing the positions of the gateways will be put on the web site.

The Chairman stated that he was disappointed that he has not received any communication from Cllr Mrs Z Brooks regarding the request for the statistics for the HGV movements for the Co-op site.

Cllr Mrs Z Brooks stated that she has requested the statistics for the HGV movements for the Co-op site.

VILLAGE HALL – Cllr S Dowding
The Architects plans will now go for planning permission, tenders will be sort from builders and fund raising will begin in earnest. It is hoped that the project will start in the summer of 2017.


  • Rural Crime
  • Burglaries and thefts from non-dwelling buildings continue to cause most problems. Many of these are opportunistic but there is a clear trend in planned crimes. Here in Monxton at the end of last year there were two thefts of construction equipment from a building site that can only have been planned in advance.
  • Scams Presentation
  • A presentation was given prior to the Parish Council meeting on 18thJanuary by Cathy Bonter our local PCSO. It covered telephone and computer scams and also doorstep crime.
  • Neighbourhood Watch Meeting
  • The next half yearly NW coordinators’ meeting is on 6thApril when further information is promised on cyber and internet crime. This is a useful forum where local police officers meet with neighbourhood watch representatives to discuss matters of local concern

FINANCE – Parish Clerk
ACCOUNTS – 1st April 2015 – 16th March 2016
Opening Balance BF              = £8,293.92
Precept                                = £5,200.00
Police Grant                          = £1,000.00
Defibrillator Grant                 = £1,381.75

Wages                                 = £2,000.00
Insurance                              = £410.44
Play Ground Inspection           =   £65.40
Village Maintenance              = £1,395.00
Dog Bins                               =   £130.08
Speed Watch Scheme            =   £767.87
Administration                      =   £117.80
Chairman’s Expenses             =    £68.77 (web site hosting)
Defibrillator                         = £1,658.10
Rubbish Bin                          =   £452.14

= £11,550.72

BALANCE IN BANK       = £4,324.95
VAT to be Claimed £527.37

SUNNYBANK – Cllr D Bateman
Cllr D Bateman stated that he was surprised to find out that the Parish Council are responsible for the maintenance of the Play Area. The Play Area is not well used and could do with up-dating, possibly something for the future.

Damage has been caused to one of the pinch points by a large vehicle, this has been reported to Highways who have been on site and carried out an unsatisfactory repair. The state of the verge from Sunnybank to the Red Post Bridge is in a poor state of repair.

The monitoring equipment to record vehicle movements from the Co Op site does not appear to be working. Cllr Mr B Few-Brown will mention this at TVBC.

Cllr Mr Ben Few Brown had nothing to report from TVBC.

CLOSE OF THE MEETING – The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

18th May – AGM
20th July
21st September
16th November

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