Vehicle Incident – Monxton

This is a message sent via Hampshire Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Hampshire Constabulary
Message sent by Catherine Williams (Police, PCSO, Test Valley District)

At approx 16.40 on 26/07/17 two vehicles were travelling on the Hundred Acre Roundabout in Andover. One vehicle, a deep red Ford C-Max, appeared to be in the wrong lane and aggressively tried to correct themselves and nearly collided with a red Mercedes. Concerningly to the driver of the Mercedes, it appeared as though the other driver has then attempted to follow them to their home address.

Did you see this incident occur? If you can assist Police, please call 101 ref: 44170287795

Please remember to take care when driving on the roads, stay alert and plan your journey.

One comment on “Vehicle Incident – Monxton

  1. David Bateman says:

    This is a far too common occurance at this terrible junction! Many times I have had incidences where vehicles are in the wrong lane and cut across without any regard for the traffic that is in the correct lane. I am surprised that there are not a lot more accidents due to poor driving and impatient driving.


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