Traffic Restrictions around Andover Airfield site – please read!

An update about Goodman’s appeal to lift traffic restrictions from/to Andover Business Park, putting at risk communities along the A3057, A342, A343, A338, B3048 and Monxton Road.

In 2009 Goodman were finally given permission to construct a huge storage and distribution depot on Andover Business Park amidst vocal opposition which feared our roads and villages would be blighted by a daily (and nightly) flow of hundreds, if not thousands, of HGVs. These fears were partially placated by stringent traffic routeing restrictions being imposed that more or less confined lorries travelling to and from the Business Park to the A303 and A34. These conditions are notionally enforced by a camera system that detects lorries using prohibited routes and by fines for transgressions.

However, in their latest application for yet more storage and distribution sheds Goodman have requested that these traffic restrictions should be lifted and this would immediately put at risk communities along the A3057, A342, A343, A338, B3048 and Monxton Road such as Stockbridge, Kings Somborne, Ludgershall, The Collingbournes, Nether Wallop, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Shipton Bellinger, Tidworth, Longparish, Monxton, Grateley and this is not a complete list.

Monxton Parish Council has, of course, strongly objected to this application.

4 comments on “Traffic Restrictions around Andover Airfield site – please read!

  1. Ian Morrison says:

    Unless any significant factors have changed in the locality, then the Planning Dept. should have absolutely no right to abandon the original condition.
    Objections must be made as a matter of principle/record but, in theory at least, I fail to see what possible justification TVBC could have for entertaining any alteration.


    • TVBC are wholly against the application, as are HCC, and all the parishes support them. However, because this is going to appeal with the inspector, we all have to mount a campaign to get this overturned at the inquiry in May.


  2. Peter Parfrey says:

    At the time of the original application, Goodmans were openly advertising this development nationally as a ‘Logistics Park’, whilst applying for a ‘Business Park’.
    Councillors chose to ignore much of the evidence and were fresh from their jolly visit to one of Goodmans real Business Parks, organised , of course, by Goodmans themselves. Apparently they were impressed. They were probably also impressed by the Goodmans promotional video used as part of TVBC’s presentation to councillors at the planning application.—yes really.
    In spite of all this, the application was rejected.
    Objections were treated with disdain, and the then leader of TVBC made an emotional speech , refusing to accept the decision, and referring it to Planning Control.
    I am pleased to see that TVBC say they are against this particular application, but there were still a number of ‘ front bench Councillors’ at the last planning meeting I attended making smug, ill informed and patronising comments about there being no real traffic problem arising from this development, especially as we were all protected by the ,(non functioning), ANPR system.
    This was directly after Goodmans had delivered their usual disingenuous statements about us’ not understanding’ their business.
    The original, hard fought for, conditions have dropped by the wayside one by one, and now they are going for the big one, quelle surprise.


  3. Paul Richards says: -appeal

    For info. Regards,

    Paul Richards Monxton Mill, Monxton, Andover. SP11 8AW

    Tel: 01264 710308: 07802 447543


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