Black Swan Planning Application

The Planning application for the Black Swan (ref 19/01229/FULLN) currently has a date for comments of the 14th June. However, it has been called to the TVBC Planning Committee by our Borough Councillor, Maureen Flood, which means that the new date for comments will be sometime in July/August and all comments received up to the day of the planning meeting will be considered.

Village Meeting – 13 June, 8pm

So villagers have the opportunity to attend the meeting/open forum on the 13th June at 8pm in the Monxton & Amport Village Hall and then provide comments either to support or object on the TVBC website and to the Parish Council.

Some villagers have commented that the application is somewhat confusing in that it mentions a village hub while also talking about a village pub. This confusion appears to be a conflation with a previous plan, which was supported by the Parish Council for a new village hall (aka Hub) on the Black Swan car park with this plan to build a new pub and change the current Black Swan building to a residential property.

Another clarification is that the developer has also used the term “relocation of the Black Swan” when in reality they intend to turn the current pub into a residential house and build a new building (pub) at the end of the car park, plus two houses at the front of the site. Normally they would need to get a change of use agreed by TVBC from pub to residential, which does not appear to be included in the planning application.

Villagers should note that Monxton Parish Council is currently neutral with regards to this planning application, despite the developer implying MPC support in their Design and Access Statement document. Monxton Parish Council (MPC) wishes villagers to advise whether they want to support this development and if not, advise any objections using valid planning grounds.

MPC suggests all interested villagers come to the meeting on the 13th June at the village hall as the developer will attend to address any questions.

2 comments on “Black Swan Planning Application

  1. helen mead says:

    I feel there is a rather romantic attachment to the Black Swan being retained as a pub.
    Reality is that during the time I have lived in this village ..I moved into the cottage next to the pub in 2010…I have seen 5 managers come and go , all unable to make a living from this pub.
    They all started out very enthusiastically. and indeed the last manager was a very good chef and served very good food , but he simply could not make ends meet….This is the reality !!!
    This building is rapidly falling into disrepair and affecting my property !!

    Surely a decision to turn it into a private residence with the same footprint is the next best move .
    It is a compromise I know . but in these times we have to be realistic…..

    This property has not got the outlook nor parking near the pub that punters require ! Unlike the Hawk Inn,,,,which also has accommodation on offer .


  2. Paul Hill says:

    I have travelled for work all over Britain in the past 30 years and sadly see this familiar story of pubs closing in little villages.
    It is a shame but it is nearly always caused by villagers not spending enough money in the pub.

    Villagers want the convenience of a drink before Christmas dinner or nice sunday lunch, but in truth no longer go into the pub a few nights per week and spend enough money to make a pub viable.
    Come on Monxton villagers, get your pub open again and buy a few pints and a glass or two a few nights per week, every week, even in February.

    It’s your village


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