Black Swan Planning Application Villager Survey Form

If you are unable to complete the survey on line follow the link below to print off a form which can be completed and returned to Cllr Mike Cleugh, Rectory Cottage, Monxton  SP11 8AH. Copies of the form will also be available at the meeting to be held in Monxton Village Hall on Thursday 13th June 2019, 8pm

Villager Survey Black Swan Planning application (1)

7 comments on “Black Swan Planning Application Villager Survey Form

  1. Helen Mead says:

    The quantity of traffic now speeding through the high street is getting worse. When are we going to get either a speed camera or traffic calmers. I.e road bumps.
    It seems sunny bank with its large front gardens is more important than we souls who are directly on the roadsides!,,,!


    • Pete Weston says:

      Helen. Many thanks for your comments regarding traffic speeding through the high street. Currently the speed sign is outside Sunnybank as this has been identified as a speeding ‘hotspot’. This has been confirmed by the relevant authorities. We have recorded speeds in excess of 260% of the 30 mph speed limit. With children crossing the road to and from the bus stop during peak times, I’m sure you would agree speeds of that magnitude are reckless.
      The speed sign is a community asset and I would be delighted to erect the sign in the high street to see how fast vehicles travel through there. If you could be so kind to identify a road sign or similar to erect it onto, that would be a great help. Please note that the overhead needs to be reasonably clear of foliage in order for the solar panel to work at full capacity. In addition, it takes 2 people to erect the sign, so once you have identified a suitable location, please advise then if you can help me erect it, that would be most useful.
      In regard to other speed calming measures such as road bumps as mentioned, these are locally funded items nowadays, so if you have any fund raising ideas to pay for these, again your input will be of great use. Note, they would have to be placed in areas that are identified as having speeding issues.
      If you wish to become more involved, we still do not have any local coordinators to record number plates of speeders. Please advise if this role is of interest.
      The sign is due to be taken down from Sunnybank weekend of 22-23 June.
      I have other enquiries to place it in other locations around the village as well.

      Kind Regards,

      Pete Weston MPC


      • Helen mead says:

        Dear Pete,
        As you must be aware there are no road signs in the high street .
        If it is any good I would be quite happy for the speed sign to be attached to my cottage, or perhaps Jo Li would allow it on the pub.
        Some cars go so fast outside my house I can only get the first 3 figures ,!
        It is difficult to judge speed so what does being a coordinator do?
        I am sure my new neighbours would help as they are horrified by the fast and heavy traffic.
        What is the cost of road calmers?
        Looking forward to your response
        Regards Helen


  2. Pete Weston says:

    Hi Helen
    I have a wealth of imformation on this, but its far too much to post here. If you could send me your e mail address I will be more than happy to share with you.
    Pete Weston


    • Helen mead says:

      Hi my email is :
      Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Helen Mead


    • James V White says:

      We in East Cholderton Wiremead Lane have serious fast traffic problems too, seems no one wants to look into it, it’s quite frightening the speed of cars and lorries plus tractors ,


      • Thanks for your message. However, I am afraid that Wiremead Lane is part of Amport Parish and therefore not under the remit for Monxton or the Parish Council. I suggest you put your comment to Amport PC, chair Ian Long, and also perhaps add a comment or ask others to comment on the Monxton & Amport FB group. I am sure if enough people from Wiremead Lane campaign APC something will have to be addressed. I am sorry Monxton cannot help further.


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