Road Closure Notice

Temporary Road Closure of Monxton Road Jul 19

Temporary Road Closure – Part of Monxton Road, Amport

Description: Temporary closure of part of Monxton Road to allow a safe access for works in connection with renewal of old telegraph pole.

Extent of Closure: Part of Monxton Road from its junction with Sarson Lane to a point 130 metres east.

Alternative routes: From the western end of the closure, west on Monxton Road, north on Wiremead Lane, northwest on Amesbury Road and Weyhill Road, south on Red Post Lane, southwest on Andover Road, north and west on Amport Road, further west on Monxton Road to the eastern end of closure and on the same roads in the opposite direction.

Duration of Order: From 16 July 2019 for a period of 1 month or until completion of works, whichever is sooner.

Period of Works: Notwithstanding, it is expected the closure will only be required between 09:30 am and 15:30 pm only on the 16th of July 2019.

NOTE:  The 6’6” width restriction (Order Number 72) on Wiremead Lane and Red Post Lane will be temporarily suspended during the closure

Reasonable access will be allowed to adjacent premises while the work is being carried out. If you have any queries regarding the above works, access or alternative route please contact Stuart Smith of HSC Worcester Ltd telephone 01264773833 on behalf of BT Openreach. For other queries please contact Ejikeme Ibe, telephone 01264 368728 on behalf of the Head of Estate and Economic Development Service.

Parish, Borough and County Ward Members

Parish Council(s) Amport
Borough Member(s) Anna
County Member(s) Test Valley North


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