Parish Council Minutes July 19

Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 09th July 2019 in Monxton Village Hall at 7.30pm. 

Present: Cllr M Cleugh – Chairman, Cllr J Balding- Vice Chairman & Cllr P Weston

Heather Bourner – Parish Clerk,Test Valley Borough Councillors Mrs Maureen Flood and Mr David Coole, Hampshire County Councillor Mrs Z Brooks & 5 Members of the Public

Apologies: None

WELCOME: The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

DECLARATION OF INTERESTS: There were no declarations of interest recorded.



The Chairman signed the minutes of the previous meeting of 14th May 2019 as a true record.


The following decisions by TVBC were noted: – None

Resolved: that the planning advisory committee’s approval on the following applications were endorsed:19/01230/LBWN & 19/01229/FULLN

Application for change of use Old Black Swan to dwelling and application to build a new pub and two new houses on old Black Swan Car Park- objection.

Monxton Parish Council objection to this application has been logged at TVBC. Cllr Cleugh confirmed the main reasons being, a large impact on loss of village green, loss of 4 mature trees and a bus shelter, problems envisaged for parking for new houses, over development of car park site, relocation of the electricity substation as the developer does not own this and has not contacted SSE regarding the application, and impact on sewage system. Cllr Cleugh encouraged parishioners to submit objections direct to Test Valley Borough Council if they objected to these applications. A member of public asked who owned the land on which the bus shelter stands. Cllr Cleugh said a plan from 1948 showed this to belong to Strongs Brewery but Cllr Weston said on a recent land search the land shows as unregistered.

Cllr Cleugh said he had attended an Abbots Ann Parish Council meeting recently to discuss the Alpine Penchards planning application. Abbots Ann Parish Council originally objected to the application however, following a change in members the new Parish Council have asked to visit the site. It is likely the application will be resubmitted because new sewage arrangements are required. The possibility of building some affordable housing has now been discussed and would be possible on the site if an application were approved. Cllr Cleugh felt that Abbots Ann PC will be more open minded than in the past.



  • The Clerk provided details of the National Joint Council for Local Government increases in pay points and the increase in HMRC home as office allowance, both of which were reflected in her pay. This had been highlighted and agreed at the annual meeting.
  • The Clerk reported that the internal audit was complete, and no errors had been reported. The necessary exemption form had been sent to the Audit Commission and notices required displayed on the notice board.
  • The move to electronic payments was discussed. The Clerk had established that for this to happen she would need to be a signatory on the account and when payments were set up another signatory would have to log in and approve payments. Cllr Cleugh said so few cheques were written he did not believe it worthwhile. The Clerk suggested standing orders be set up for the two regular payments, her salary and the income tax attached. All agreed this was sensible. Clerk to obtain and complete forms. 

To note balance in Lloyds bank as at 16/06/19 £29033.77

Resolved: that the following payments be approved and cheques signed

Payments to be made

Clerks salary May, June & July -£320.13

Clerks expenses                         £41.91

Clerk lengthsman payment         £160.00

HMRC                                         £120.01

Thruxton PC lengthsman           £1000.00

David Eaglesham                      £105.00

Carl Cafferty                               £220.00


BHIB insurance                         £278.93

Carl Cafferty                               £315.00

Carl Cafferty                               £270.00

TVBC election exps                   £28.80

The Clerk confirmed that if ICO were paid by DD in future this would cost £35 per year rather than £40 if paid by cheque. The necessary direct debit form was signed.


The team working on this project were still waiting for quotes for the work required so were not able to give a meaningful report at this meeting. Report to be given at next meeting in October. 


Cllr Balding highlighted the issue with the Parish Council paying for a bin to be emptied that was the responsibility of the housing association upon whose land it was installed. Cllr Weston agreed to establish who the Clerk should contact to rectify the situation.

Cllr Weston reported Sunny bank footpath 8 ‘The Gallops’ had been filled by the farmer with chalk which has made the footpath much more user friendly for walkers.

Cllr Weston also reported some hedges generally encroaching on footpaths, he will monitor and speak to residents if necessary. He asked if the lengthsman could clear grass growing in footpaths Cllr Balding will speak to the lengthsman.


Cllr Weston reported on the speedwatch initiative and gave statistics from when the machine was located outside Sunny bank. This was recognised as problem area, so the machine has been based there for 2 months. During this period 68200 vehicle movements were recorded 23475 of which were within the speed limit. It was generally felt that the machine did encourage drivers to slow down and that the solar panel powering this is a very good investment. The machine has now been moved to the road that comes down the hill from Grately, so far, most traffic has been recorded as driving below 30mph although one was recorded at 65MPH!! Cllr Weston said there is a perception when noisy vehicles pass, they are travelling at faster speeds which is not always the case. Further sites to install the sign will be considered although there must be a road sign or telegraph pole for the sign to be attached to and the location needs to be one where speeding traffic is an issue.

A comment was made that people should be driving to the conditions, 30mph is not a target! The village suffers from traffic displacement because of the problems at 100 acre roundabout in Andover, bridge alterations between Andover and Monxton and the closure of a gap on the A303. Cllr Cleugh said the police speed camera van had made a recent visit to the village but there was only one area they could park in safety. He recommended villagers record details of vans and lorries if seen speeding as these details could be passed on to the relevant authorities. 

Finally, Cllr Weston said he had received a complaint about parking at the bottom of Broad Road. No offences were being committed but locals were encouraged not to park there.

Borough & County Councillor Reports.

HCC Brooks reported that HCC must save a further 80 million pounds by 2021 and are asking the public for their views and ideas as to how to achieve this. There is a public consultation open, details of which are on the Monxton website. One issue is that children’s services are not fully funded by central government and there is a large impact on budgets for the costs associated with asylum seekers and looked after children.She also reported that HCC are trying to improve environmentally and have started fitting curb stones made from recycled plastic, they are also expanding car electricity charging points and confirmed almost all vehicles they own are now electric.

TVBC Mrs Maureen Flood confirmed she had attended a presentation on the master plan for the regeneration of Andover Town centre. There will be a public consultation in due course which will be open to all residents of both the town and the surrounding villages. She also said all car park machines will be changed later this year so cards can be used to pay.

TVBC David Coole highlighted Unity, a Test Valley umbrella organisation who organise minibus transport that can be cheaper than using a taxi (details on village notice board) He confirmed to all present that Andover Festival of motoring will be held on 22nd September.


The Clerk gave details she had received regarding compensation payments received by residents in respect of power cuts in 2017. Households had received payments of £15 each.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 29th October 2019, 7.30pm at Monxton Village Hall.


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