MPC Minutes October 29th 2019

Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 29th October 2019 in Monxton Village Hall at 7.30pm. 

Present: Cllr M Cleugh – Chairman, Cllr J Balding- Vice Chairman, Cllr Barbone, Cllr Bowden, Cllr Corroon, Heather Bourner – Parish Clerk, Test Valley Borough Councillors Mrs Maureen Flood, Hampshire County Councillor Mrs Z Brooks, Robert Hayes – footpaths representative, Members of the Public 14

Apologies: Apologies were received from Cllr P Weston & TVBC David Coole

WELCOME The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

DECLARATION OF INTERESTS There were no declarations of interest recorded.

Three villagers had come forward to be considered for co-option to the Parish Council. Cllr Cleugh proposed Cathy Barbone be co-opted which was seconded by Cllr Balding, Cllr Cleugh also proposed Jim Bowden be co-opted which was again seconded by Cllr Balding and finally Cllr Cleugh proposed Hugh Corroon be co-opted which Cllr Balding seconded.

Cllr P Weston has resigned and was unwell so had sent his apologies for the meeting but had given written confirmation that he was happy to co-opt all three proposed. All three joined the Parish Council for the meeting.

Cllr Barbone will become the representative for Sunny bank and Cllr Bowden will take on responsibility for traffic management. Consideration will be given as to which area of responsibility should be given to Cllr Corroon.

Cllr Cleugh gave huge thanks to outgoing Cllr Pete Weston for the time he had spent as a Parish Councillor, in particular for all his work regarding traffic management which had been very successful.


MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING The Chairman signed the minutes of the previous meeting of 9th July 2019 as a true record.


Richard Pearce reported on behalf of the team working on the project to renovate the village hall. He said they had approximately £60K funding available at present and had proceeded to have a plan drawn up by an architect. The plan includes new electrics & heating, renovated kitchen and toilet facilities, removal of the permanent stage, decorate throughout, and fit a completely new entrance to give more light. A scope of work has been drawn up and three builders have been approached to provide quotes. These will be scrutinised and in due course a proposal provided to the Parish Council on how to proceed. The plan does not propose any structural work and therefore no planning permission is required. It was confirmed that once quotes are received match funding grants can be considered. Work is unlikely to start before March 2020. In view of this, it was proposed that the oil tank keep being topped up to provide heating for the many bookings that were already held.

Richard confirmed the plan is by no means final and should be open to all villagers to consider but budget will always need to be considered. Tree work will be required but necessary applications will have to be made. Cllr Cleugh asked that for the next meeting some plans were provided that could be shared with all villagers including those from Amport to raise awareness and possibly fundraising. TVBC Mrs M Flood will talk to the TVBC CiL funding officer to see if any funds are available. It was proposed that the next meeting to discuss matters should take place at the end of November.


The following decisions by TVBC were noted: – None

Resolved: that the planning advisory committee’s approval on the following applications were endorsed:

19/01851/TREEN – tree works Brookside, Andover Road, Monxton- no objection

19/02314/TREEN- Corner Cottage, Amport Road, Fell 3 trees – no objection

19/02462/LWBN- various works to listed building, Little Cottage, Andover Road, Monxton – no objection (A new application for this building has just been submitted and will now be reviewed) 19/02380/TREEN- Land adjacent Field House Fell 2 x ash trees and 1 – Sycamore-no objection

Update on previous applications

19/01230/LBWN & 19/01229/FULLN

Application for change of use Old Black Swan to dwelling and application to build a new pub and two new houses on old Black Swan Car Park – Decision pending however TVBC planning department advised last week that they would be refusing the application shortly based on the feedback from the statutory consultees.

19/00296/OUTN Alpine planning application for 22 dwellings to replace the current B2 industrial site. Discussions are ongoing with the Environment Agency relating to the impact on the Solent water nitrogen neutrality and issues caused by sewage discharge.


To note balance in Lloyds bank as at 07/10/19 £29297.78

Resolved: that the following payments be approved and cheques signed

Payments to be made

Clerks expenses                         £.43.73

HMRC                                         £52.20


Cllr Balding highlighted a letter of support she has sent to Hants Wildlife trust who wish to apply for lottery funding to improve Pillhill Brook.

Robert Hayes confirmed he has recently walked all the Monxton footpaths and not encountered problems. Cllr Balding said she had been made aware of some high hedges which cause issues for horse riders, however, as the paths are in Amport she will pass the information on.


Cllr Barbone will take on responsibility for Sunnybank and will contact Cllr Weston regarding any ongoing issues.


Cllr Weston had produced reports from the data collected by the speed watch machine. The data was presented to the meeting and copies of the graphs are attached to these minutes. Cllr Cleugh asked that any suggestions on sign locations for the machine be passed to Cllr Bowden.

A question was posed about purchasing a second machine but it was felt that drivers might become complacent if a machine was permanent. A question was also asked if anything could be done to stop traffic knocking down bollards by the cottages on the Abbots Ann road. Cllr Cleugh said that large lorries were the offenders and he would contact the companies responsible.

Borough & County Councillor Reports

HCC Brooks reported that HCC are currently considering their budget and have been tasked with saving a further 80million. Each area is considering how to make savings including children’s services, social care and public libraries. There will be staff cuts but mostly by natural wastage management.

She asked that the Parish Council check salt bins now for any repairs required and if new salt is needed. 

TVBC Mrs Maureen Flood said work has started to improve Andover town centre, lots of pop up shops are opening, some temporary repairs are being made to lifts in the Chantry centre and leaf clearance work has started. The consultation regarding regeneration is on-going.

Correspondence None


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 14th January 2020, 7.30pm at Monxton Village Hall.

Minutes draft Oct 19



















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