April Parish Magazine

The April edition has been printed but the safe distribution is not easy to achieve and stay within the Government guidelines regarding our movements at this time.

The boxes of magazines have been delivered and remained outside in a car-port for 48 hours thereby hopefully allowing any virus present to be destroyed: subsequent distribution cannot be safely achieved by asking distributors to hand deliver all copies…..so we have decided to place all copies in the bus shelter (Monday March 30th) alongside what was the Black Swan car park where individuals (ie those who have already paid the annual subscription fee)  can collect their own copy and get some exercise in doing so!


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3 comments on “April Parish Magazine

  1. Roland Colbourne says:

    Whilst I can understand the difficulty in the distribution of the parish magazine how are those individuals who do not have online access to monxton matters or who are house bound, regardless of the coronavirus situation, and cannot get to Monxton bus shelter, supposed to get their PRE PAID copies. I only found out about this from a chance telephone conversation with a neighbour


  2. Roland Colbourne says:

    Thank you to whoever delivered the parish magazine, it is much appreciated


  3. Roland Colbourne says:

    Unfortunately it would appear that other parish magazine subscribers have not yet received their copy, one of these households are a couple in their 90s and are in electric chairs 3 other households are in their 80s,(a) they cannot walk to Monxton and (b) they should not be out any way, how are they supposed to get theirs?


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