Dog Walkers

Dog mess is a serious health hazard and if you are a dog owner, you have a legal duty to clean up every time your dog fouls in a public place.

There are marked dog bins provided in the village to dispose of bags of dog mess.  If you cannot find one, please take your dog bag home and dispose of it in an ordinary household black bin.

It is an offence not to clean up dog mess and if residents want the Village Green and footpaths to continue to be cut, dog walkers must pick up their dog’s mess.  If residents see anyone allowing their dogs to foul the Village Green or the footpaths,  please report it to the Parish Clerk, Heather Bourner e-mail






One comment on “Dog Walkers

  1. David Bateman says:

    I hope people respond to your e-mail Monxton track is covered in dog mess my wife has just gone up the track with a shovel & pushed it into the bushes (where there are any bushes after the farmer hacked them all down)


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