Test Valley Borough Council- Covid 19

Please be assured that in everything it can, Test Valley Borough Council is working extremely hard to ensure that the essential services we provide to the community continue.

Detailed below is information that might be of use and covers some but by no means all of the support offered by TVBC in this crisis. Please contact me or TVBC for further information.

I commend and thank the many volunteers in our wonderful communities who are offering support to their fellow residents.

Maureen Flood
TVBC Councillor – Anna ward


Support for Community Centres/Village Halls

Community centres across Test Valley can claim the same support grant offered to businesses and they could each benefit from a £10k cash injection. Many community halls have been hit hard by the pandemic.

Covid-19 Emergency Response Community Grant

Test Valley Borough Council has launched a new grant scheme for those providing community support during the coronavirus pandemic. Existing voluntary groups, informal groups established in response to the pandemic, parish and town councils and schools can all apply for a grant of up to £500. The funding can be used for a range of purposes, from covering volunteer and travel expenses to paying for equipment or printing.

Environmental Services

Refuse collections are another key service. So far, they are still operating fully, including the green bin collections. If staff are absent, TVBC will be covering with employees from other areas of the environmental service

Business Support Grants

Depending on their eligibility, businesses will now receive grants of either £10k or 25k. TVBC Revenues staff and redeployed staff from other services worked over the bank holiday weekend to process the grants. A total of 1,484 grants have already been paid out to a total value of £18.29M.

Test Valley Community Helpline

As more people request assistance to obtain vital supplies, TVBC has provided additional resources to the Unity helpline. Alongside investing in the telephone system, TVBC has allocated a pool of borough council employees to help staff the helpline, meaning it is now open 7-days a week including bank holidays.

Help with Council Tax in Test Valley

TVBC has agreed new measures to help families with their Council Tax through the Covid-19 crisis: Residents struggling to pay their Council Tax should contact Test Valley at www.testvalley.gov.uk/ContactRevenues or call on 01264 368000

TVBC Parking Charges Suspended

Parking charges in TVBC car parks have been suspended for the duration of the lockdown period. Removing charges ensures those collecting essential supplies for themselves and others can do so speedily and safely, and will also ensure adequate parking for those who live in and around the town centres and who are confined to their homes.


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