Village Hall project wins £25,000 grant from the TVBC Community Asset Fund

We are extremely pleased to announce that Monxton Parish Council with the support of Amport Parish Council has been awarded a grant of £25,000 from the Test Valley Borough Council Community Asset Fund to assist with the rebuild of the Village Hall.

This money can be spent on any aspect of the build, but requires matching funds from the Parish Council, which happily we have available in the bank thanks to the efforts of fund raising by Monxton and Amport villagers over the years. The grant proposal was submitted in November last year and thanks go to a small team with members from both villages.

We are currently awaiting news on a second larger grant from the Community Infrastructure Levy fund and if successful this will enable work to commence on the demolition and rebuilding of the new village hall in the latter half of this year.

Currently the Village Hall is now open for events so please contact the Bookings Secretary if you need to book the facilities.

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One comment on “Village Hall project wins £25,000 grant from the TVBC Community Asset Fund

  1. John Chaffey says:

    Brilliant news. A lot of hard work by the team. Well done it took a long time but you got there.


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