Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 13th July 2021, 7.30pm at Monxton Village Hall

Present: Cllr M Cleugh – Chairman  

               Cllr C Barbone                   

               Cllr J Hooper              

               Test Valley Borough Councillor David Coole

               Test Valley Borough Councillor Mrs Maureen Flood

               Heather Bourner – Parish Clerk  

               1 Member of the Public


Apologies for absence had been received from Cllr P Kitson & Cllr H Corroon.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


There were no declarations of interest.


David James attended to highlight his resignation as Neighbourhood Watch coordinator for Monxton.

He said he has carried out the voluntary role for the last eight years and has decided he will now resign. Although a replacement has been sought no one has stepped forward. He said it is possible to sign up to receive email alerts for crime and traffic issues via the web site. Thanks were expressed to David for his years of service. If anyone is interested in taking on this role, please contact the Clerk 01264 773976.


The Chairman agreed to sign the minutes of the previous meetings of 13th April 2021 and 7th May as a true record. All agreed.


Cllr Kitson was not present but had sent a report to confirm the decision regarding CIL funding has not yet been decided, a TVBC meeting to discuss this will be held on 18th August. A stall was held at the recent Amport Fete and lots of villagers expressed support and made positive comments as well as offering help with the build project.

Volunteers are still needed to help with the Monxton & Amport Village Hall committee. Any volunteers should contact Mike Cleugh.

The Clerk summarised the village hall finance as below

Village Hall Finance Reconciliation

Current account               £18779.89

Savings account              £53832.51

Parish Council held

Village hall fund               £12040.77

Total available                  £84653.17

It was noted that the Village Hall Charity accounts to 30/04/2021 have been submitted.


Applications since previous meeting: –

21/01418/FULLN-retrospective application for erection of stable block & ancillary buildings plus change of use from horse riding school to livery stables- no objections

21/01339/FULLN- Erection of three bay garage with rooms above- Millcroft, Chalkpit Lane – Withdrawn          21/01583/RESN & 21/01735/RESN approval reserved matters, Plot 5 Andover business park- no objections

Applications to be considered


Confirmation of outcome from TVBC

21/00829/TREEN- crown lift yew, thin cotoneaster, Farm Cottage, Green Lane -no objections

21/00880/TELN- application for prior approval required and granted for telecommunications mast 21/00878/FULLN- single story extension, Boundary Cottage-permission      

7.Sunnybank & footpaths

Cllr Barbone had nothing to report.

8.Traffic Monitoring

Cllr Hooper provided a full report of data recovered from the speed watch camera positioned at Sunnybank. The data shows a considerable volume of traffic using the roads but the average speed of traffic remains fairly low at 32mph, although there is a regular night time visitor travelling at speeds well above the national limit of 60mph on these roads. He also reported on several problems with large HGVs using the small village lanes. Signs will be erected at the start of Chalk Pit lane to prevent lorries using this.road and Penchards & Alpine located at Manor Farm Abbotts Ann have agreed to ask contractors delivering not to use this route. Cllr Hooper confirmed he will continue to monitor and approach contractors when vehicles are seen to be driving badly in the village and are reported to him.

9. Environment

Cllr Corroon was not present but had sent a report on the Pan Parish Council meeting he had attended with the chairman Cllr Cleugh regarding the issues with over pumping and sewage along the Pilhill Brook. The group comprising seven parish chairmen representing all parishes along the Pilhill Brook have engaged with

 Southern Water to address the following 6 commitments:

1. Capital investment for wastewater infrastructure across all parishes

2. Assurances re quality of the water in Pillhill Brook and transparency of the water testing

3. Compliance with the EA regulatory requirements via Infiltration Reduction Plan (IRP)

4. Commitment to over-pump only when necessary to prevent damage to customers

5. Consultation with affected PCs before execution of any further temporary works

6. Continued engagement and communications with customers, PCs and TVBC representatives re future plans.

All of these areas are being considered being addressed by Southern Water. A follow up meeting will take place in September.


To note balance in Lloyds bank as at 30/06/21 £32593.83

i)Resolved: that the following payments be approved and cheques signed

Payments to agree-

Clerks salary £112.47 per month and HMRC £28.12 payments by SO May to July

Payments to lengthsman April- June £1065.00

Payments to be made

Clerks expenses (May to Jul) £40.65

Clerk lengthsman admin £320.00

Additional HMRC £80.00

Lengthsman Cluster funds to distribute to Thruxton Pc, Broughton PC & Charlton PC £1000 each – total £3000.00

ii) Banking signatories and move to online

The Clerk confirmed she had passed the completed form to change bank signatures and move to online banking to Lloyds bank. Cllrs Kitson & Corroon needed to visit the bank to provide identity documents before the form can be processed

iii)The Clerk confirmed the internal auditor had carried out checks to the accounts and audit return and had no areas of concern. The audit declaration has now been submitted.

12.Borough & County Councillor Reports.

HCC Chris Donnelly was absent but had sent a report highlighting proposed road repairs, none of which were in Monxton. He referred to repairs that Southern Water had agreed to carry out in a neighbouring village and confirmed the portal for County Councillor grants was now open.

TVBC Councillor Maureen Flood reported that the COVID vaccination centre will move from the lights to the Chantry Centre in the autumn. She said she had attended a very moving ceremony at Romsey Abbey held to recognise and give thank for all the voluntary work carried out in Test Valley throughout the pandemic. Finally, she highlighted the proposed parliamentary boundary change which would see Monxton parish become part of Romsey and Southampton North Constituency and change the MP from Kit Malthouse to Caroline Noakes. There is a consultation open until 2nd August to which anyone can add a comment.

TVBC Councillor David Coole- highlighted the walk-in vaccination centre on Saturday 17th July at The Lights in Andover between 10.00am and 3.00pm This is for anyone over 18 years old to receive their first jab or anyone who needs a second jab and received the first at least 8 weeks prior to the 17th July.

He Confirmed there will be an Artisan market in Andover town Centre on the 18th of July and finally on 21st July there will be a meeting in the evening at Andover St Marys Church regarding the proposed regeneration of the town centre.

13.Any other business –

The Clerk reported on a request to instal a defibrillator in Monxton the nearest being in Amport at The Hawk. The suggestion was this should be central and while the Village Hall would be a good location as it was to be demolished and rebuilt perhaps another location could be considered. The Clerk explained a machine will only be identified by an emergency operator if it is within 400m of the incident which could save a life.

After some discussion it was agreed to reconsider this matter once the new village hall is built.

The lengthsman had reported dog fouling as an issue when cutting the Village Green. Please can all dog walkers CLEAN UP after their animals and use the several bins dotted around the village.

Cllr Hooper said he had noticed several blocked drains in the village which cause issues when there is sudden and heavy rainfall. He will report these to Hampshire County Council. He also said the unused Black Swan car park was very untidy. He will approach the owner and ask for this to be cleared.

Cllr Barbone said no planning application had been submitted in respect of Amport House but she will continue to work with Amport Parish Council on this project.

Cllr Barbone also raised concerns regarding overgrown verges, in particular areas where road signs are obstructed. The Clerk confirmed Hampshire Highways policy is to leave verges uncut except where they are causing an obstruction to road users. The solution was to ask the lengthsman to clear any difficult areas. She will give location details to the Clerk who will arrange for the lengthsman to deal with these.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 12th October 2021, 7.30pm

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