Amport House – Update

This is the latest update from Amport Parish Council on the proposed Hotel at Amport House. 

We had a meeting with Will Ashworth from Another Place. Here is the latest update from him. 


  • We are currently having detailed discussions with the planning case officer and three consultees (Highways, Conservation and Environmental Health) to iron out the remaining concerns
  • Our design teams will then find solutions to these issues and submit updated plans/proposals
  • These updated plans will be publicly available for comment as per the normal planning consultations
  • We hope the proposal will then go to the planning committee in May or June.


  • Hampshire Highways have asked for further analysis (stress testing models). They have also asked us to consider if we can avoid cars exiting gate 2 and re-entering through gate 3 by creating an internal route. We believe this would also address several local concerns.
  • Conservation have asked us to consider a number of elements ranging from providing more detail for paths and railings etc etc to the position of Kids Club and its outside play area as well as elements relating to Swim Club 
  • I believe the Environmental Health discussion is happening today but there to do not appear to be significant hurdles.


  • We will press on with the detailed design as soon as permission is granted. 
  • We hope to start an enabling works contract in the autumn that focusses on the main house. This would include repairing windows, creating service runs for plumbing and electrical elements and preparing the main house for a full renovation.
  • The main contract would look to start at the end of 2022 and include all other aspects of the project
  • It is anticipated that the main contract would run for about 12 months
  • We will work with the planning team on discharging all conditions during the detailed design phase.
  • Once we have appointed a contractor we will work with them and the local community on construction traffic plans to limit the impact.

We will endeavour to keep you appraised of our progress to ensure the local community have accurate information and stop any unhelpful rumour mills.

 Will Ashworth CEO 

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