MPC Election Campaign

We now have the Campaign Manifestos from the candidates who are standing for election for Monxton Parish Council. The election will be held this Thursday 25th July 2013. The Village Hall is open for voting from 7am to 10pm, and votes will be counted immediately afterwards. Some parishioners will already have received postal votes, for those who are registered.

In alphabetical order our candidates are:

Judith Balding

Dingley Dell, Chalkpit Lane, Monxton

I am standing as a candidate in the forthcoming Monxton Parish Council Election, as having lived in Monxton for 21 years, I feel I now have the time to give something back to the village.  Over the years, I have seen many changes in the village, some good, some bad; we lost our village shop and we need to ensure that our pub, ’The Mucky Duck’, does not suffer the same fate.  We need to maintain the fabric of village life and, most importantly, our wonderful community spirit.

I accept we have challenges, but if elected, I would hope to represent the views of the village as a whole, listening to villager’s concerns and working with my colleagues to try to resolve them.  I believe that having strength in numbers and working together, we can achieve so much more. In the past, I was involved in the STOP campaign, and although we were successful in stopping Tesco building a huge Mega Shed, there continues to be a threat of further inappropriate development around our village. If those who were part of the campaign had not stood their ground, our traffic problems would be even worse than at present.

Our village’s picturesque cottages are part of our heritage and it is essential that they are preserved. If elected, I will do my utmost to address the current problems of the HGV traffic and Fox Farm’s planning application, both of which are major concerns for many villagers.  I believe a close relationship with our neighbouring Parishes will enable us to have mutual support in dealing with these types of issues.  I have had a major role in fighting the problems that have arisen from the damming of Pillhill Brook, and the support from Monxton, Abbotts Ann and Amport Parishes Councils has been invaluable.  For those of you who have internet access, I have posted an article here about the damage to the brook and I will continue to fight this violation of our historic and unique chalk stream.

Monxton has been home to the Balding family for over 60 years and as the third generation to live here, I wish to ensure that we conserve our quintessential English village, not only for those of us who are fortunate to live here now, but for future generations.

David Bateman

Lavender Cottage, Sunnybank, Monxton

The reason I am standing is to represent the 70 plus residents (including children) who live at this end of the village, which represents approximately 30% of Monxton residents and needs to have a representative voice on the Parish Council. Note: this has been the case for the last 17 years firstly with Roland Colbourn and recently John Chaffey.

I will do my best to serve the parishioners of Monxton and to keep the ties of Sunnybank and Monxton alive so the Sunnybank residents feel part of the village.

I will also take over from John Chaffey the weekly inspections of the apparatus and surrounding area of the play park in keeping with the recommendations of the Engineering Design Services who do a yearly inspection of the area.

I will also be looking out for the interests of people living in both Sunnybank and Monxton to ensure that the traffic issues including speeding and the lorries going to the Andover Business Park and Alpine Group are addressed by the council.

Brief History:
I was born in Amport and attended Amport Primary School, until my widowed mother re-married. We then moved away as my step-father was serving in the RAF at Amport (Maintenance Command). My family ties go further back to my grandparents, with my grandmother living at number 6 Sunnybank in the bungalows after she became widowed. My close family were one of the first families to move into the old prefabs in 1947, before Sunnybank was built in 1976-77.

I have also served my country with pride in the Royal Navy serving on the Royal yacht Britannia. I also served in the RAF as a medic with TMW (Tactical Medical Wing) and as a reservist with 4626 AE Sqn for over 15 years. Seeing service in Bosnia, Iraq and finally Afghanistan in 2006 where I was badly injured and had to leave the service. Since moving back to the village my wife and I have enjoyed going to church & meeting old friends.

I was fortunate enough to be offered one of the four new houses built in Sunnybank on the old allotment site.  This scheme was conceived and implemented by the Parish Council under Sue Ryan and the houses all went to families with village connection.

Maggie Nicholls

Well Cottage, High Street, Monxton

No details received as yet.

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