Report on the TVBC Planning Meeting

On Behalf of Monxton Parish Council

The Planning Meeting last Thursday (30th May 13) was attended by Cllr Sarah Dowding, Acting Chairman Mike Cleugh and several interested parishioners.

Mike Cleugh delivered the 3 minute speech on behalf of the Parish Council. In addition, Mr Peter Derbyshire took the objectors speaking slot and provided objections on behalf of the residents of Red Post Lane, Monxton

TVBC Cllr Ben Few Brown gave a very robust speech on the current impact of the traffic from the Megashed on Monxton and voted against the development.

Although a lot of sympathy was generated for the impact on local residents, unfortunately the vote went against us –  TVBC councillors voted by 15 to 4 to proceed with the second Megashed development.

The recommendation from the TVBC Planning Team was to approve, and mainly economic considerations were cited by the councillors in supporting the recommendation. The claimed generation of 600+ new jobs – matching the number of unemployed in Andover – was an important factor.

Disappointed as we are with the decision, we have been able to gain a number of small concessions which we hope will reduce the impacts of traffic on Monxton. The TVBC Councillors urged Ray Alborough, TVBC’s Traffic Manager to provide his support.

Mr Albrough advised that he could increase the the size of the signs – which are currently far too small – to warn trucks about to drive toward Monxton that they should make a u-turn at the HQ Land Forces roundabout, their last chance to turn before they reach Monxton.

We are currently working with Mr Alborough and will keep you updated with progress.

One comment on “Report on the TVBC Planning Meeting

  1. Paul Richards says:

    Some feedback from the TVBC meeting: Although well represented in terms of letters of objection, it was a pity, and noted by TVBC Councillors, that few parishioners were able to attend the meeting. Mike and Ben did sterling work on our behalf but the overall view of TVBC Councillors was that “whilst recognising the concerns of all the villages around Andover we could not live in the past but must move to meet current demands i.e. Jobs.” This reflects the current national priorities. Hampshire Highways were genuinely understanding of the traffic issues and were looking into possible weight and width restrictions. It was a dreadful decision for those living in Red Post Lane where Goodmans (the developer) should have done more to minimise the impact there but actually displayed little recognition of their predicament.


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