Parish Council Election

On Behalf of Monxton Parish Council – Updated

The Parish Council have been notified by TVBC that they have received “more than 10 letters”  requesting an election for the open Parish Councillor posts – this triggers the election process.

The Parish Council have asked TVBC for clarification of the process from here and likely time-frames. An update will follow very shortly.

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After speaking with the returning officer at TVBC, we have some more clarity on how the election will proceed:

  1. TVBC will decide on an election date (this has to be within 60 working days of the original notice)
  2. Nomination forms will need to be filled out for each candidate (by those nominating), as well as a consent form from each candidate*
  3. TVBC will sent out a ‘Notice of Election’ that the Parish Clerk will post on the Village Hall notice board. It will also be posted on the Monxton Matters website.
  4. Prior to the election there will be a statement of nominations (the candidates)
  5. Postal votes will be allowed

*TVBC say that they will send these forms to anyone who has already written to them putting themselves forward as a candidate. Forms can also be obtained from TVBC or the Parish Clerk


3 comments on “Parish Council Election

  1. Richard Williams says:

    During the MPC AGM held on the 30 April 2013 it was agreed that the MPC would arrange an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to be held within four weeks to which representatives from HCC, Hampshire Highways, TVBC, the Police, Sir George Young MP and others would be invited to attend to address the traffic issues that are such a threat to Monxton. It was agreed the primary purpose of the meeting would be to address the issues of the huge lorries that are causing so much destruction and damage and the speeding traffic that is life threatening.

    It was surprising and worrying that this agreement was omitted from the AGM Minutes of the Meeting, and five plus weeks later there has been no response from the MPC concerning the EGM despite a number of requests from members of the community. Please would the MPC send out an update explaining when and where the EGM will take place.

    Thank you.


    • Linda Peters says:

      Hi Richard,
      Although I recall a request for an EGM at the MPC’s AGM, I don’t recall the council promising to set one up within 4 weeks. This would have taken some doing anyway, getting all those people with a free evening within 4 weeks!
      However, having read all the posts about what has already been done through the Parish Council, I wonder what more can be achieved by way of an EGM? Surely all the points that were brought up at that meeting have been addressed and in some cases are in progress? Just a thought.


      • maggie1410 says:

        The EGM was most definitely agreed at the AGM and should have already gone ahead. Instead we have a situation where things are being rushed into place and others that were already in place i.e. width restrictions being announced as new and will have little benefit to Monxton. This needs to be done properly and professional which at the moment it is not. Also the village should be consulted each step of the way. Maggie


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