EGM Update

Monxton Parish Council has put together various discussion points about the traffic issues for the EGM this Friday.
Click here to read about them in detail.

The EGM is open to all villagers and is this Friday 26 July at 6pm in the Village Hall.

As well as MPC and lots of lovely villagers, in attendance will be:

  • Sir George Young, MP
  • Pat West, County Councillor
  • Ben Few Brown, Ward Councillor
  • Ray Alborough, TVBC Highways Engineer
  • Steve Spender, HCC Highways
  • Don Stubbington, PCSO
  • Kelvin Barry, Alpine Group, Manor Farm


18.00     Introduction – MPC Acting Chair, Mike Cleugh
18.05     Presentation by Monxton Villagers on traffic issues affecting the village
18.20     MPC status update
18.25     TVBC & HCC response & suggestions
18.40     General discussion and questions from the public/Monxton residents

Please come along and support your village.

One comment on “EGM Update

  1. Adrian Drage says:

    Unfortunately I shall be unable to attend this important EGM. I would hope that this will prove to be a positive meeting. In saying this we – Monxton – are the stronger if we pull together; and we do need to pull together if we are to surmount the challenges that face us. Since the EGM in focussed on traffic and the lorries in particular that is what I will comment upon, but there additional issues, some related to Manor farm that faces us. In my view, the traffic problem in Monxton is threefold: volume; speed; and inappropriate sized vehicles.

    Volume. There is no doubt that in past 10 years the volume of traffic passing through the Village has increased significantly. I would ascribe this to three factors: the closure of the gap in the A303 at the top of Sarson Lane; the development of the Airfield; and the arrival of HQ Land Forces with so many of their staff accommodated to the West of Monxton. At peak times the high street is more like a main A Road; indeed more traffic passes Orchard House than ever did when I lived either in Maidenhead or London!

    Speed. Despite the 30 mph limit, the majority of traffic entering or leaving the High Street at the junction with Chalkpit Lane is not only in excess of the speed limit but also travelling at a speed that is entirely inappropriate for the conditions. 30 mph is therefore far more of a target than a limit. And sadly the traffic calming defile is more of a game of chicken than any real calming; the traffic calming only works when there is a lot of traffic – so Catch 22. Although I support the intent behind the 20 mph limit, unless actively enforced it will be ignored and traffic will continue (day & night) to ignore it and the 30 mph limit.

    Inappropriate sized traffic. There is no doubt that we are being subjected to totally inappropriate (size of) traffic: lorries and coaches that are damaging the road surface, properties and eroding the verges (both inside and outside the village confines). With the evidence now being supplied to the MPC via the new website, the evidence in relation to Manor Farm is irrefutable; we – all of us – need to gather a similar level of evidence on other movements. And I note that a local coach firm runs its 55-seater coaches (empty) through the High Street.

    I applaud MPC for what has been achieved in the short period since the AGM: there has been tremendous movement in the Manor Farm issue; through the new website MPC are now actively engaging with the village; and we now have some key players directly involved. Meanwhile we the village must support the MPC and actively engage with providing data on lorries – be they Parker Steel and other traffic headed to or from the Airfield – or buses.

    There are other challenges that face us: military helicopters encroaching upon or overflying the village; the Phillhill Brook flooding; the variable quality of the Freeview television signal – loss of channels and pixilation of others (especially at night); lack of decent broadband speeds; the threat of G4 to Freeview reception and the possibility of marginal digital radio reception (without an external aerial) when the current analogue signal is switched off. But these are issues for another meeting that united we will need to drive forward with also.

    So much to do but we need to do it together! Finally, good luck to all three candidates!


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