Hampshire Horsewatch Crime Alert

This is flash message to get the warning out and being circulated to Horsewatch members.

In the south of the county a spate of burglaries in stables, shelters is starting up. Wickham, Warsash, Southampton, New Forest area are  currently being targeted.

The latest crime was last night in Warsash, a  white small car style van with male occupants was seen close to the scene. Males and vehicle are suspected of being involved until such time they can be eliminated from the crime. This vehicle was seen about 8.30pm. Stolen items include saddles, bridles, hats, grooming kits, whips, rugs, and feed. You are all potential victims of crime so now is once again time to review your stable and outbuilding security.

All the time we recommend that you post code all your property. If you can take your more valuable and important property home with you then so much the better.

Rugs will get stolen as sure as the sun rises and sets. Equally as sure the majority of horse owners will not post-code their rugs. Post-coding is a good crime prevention and deterrent. Why wait to post-code your property?

Pass the word about to be on the look out for small white vans. Equally, be suspicious of any vehicle and person seen near your property.

If you are the victim of a theft of property have a good search of the area around your land. It is often the case that thieves will hide stolen goods to return later to collect.

Again stolen property has to be sold back into the equine community.  If you are going to buy second-hand tack examine it carefully for post-codes or signs of damage where identifying features have been removed. Sad as it is but a seller of second-hand tack could be moving on stolen property. When you are considering buying second-hand property take notice of who is doing the selling and why are they selling the items.

Any suspicious vehicles or people seen report the matter to the police by dialling 101. In an emergency dial 999.


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