Fracking is an online hub to raise awareness of the areas in Britain which could be affected by hydraulic fracturing, and help people in Britain challenge fracking companies looking to operate in their communities.

It must be stated that there are no planning applications for any exploration or drilling in our area at this time.

The ‘Not for Shale’ legal block is a campaign by Greenpeace to support residents in fracking-affected communities to challenge the Government and the companies trying to drill in their immediate area.  Through Wrongmove, residents can refuse permission to frack under their homes, even if companies have made, or are already making plans to drill there.  Fracking companies can drill up to two miles from a drill site, meaning operations regularly pass under people’s homes and farmland.

But in English law, if you own land then your rights extend to all the ground beneath it. The Supreme Court held in 2010 in Bocardo SA v Star Energy [2010] UKSC 35; [2011] 1 AC 380 that these rights apply when someone wants to drill underneath your land. That means that if someone drills under your home without permission, or without a statutory right, it is a trespass and trespass is unlawful.

This is how it works: fracking involves horizontal drilling that can extend two miles from the actual drill site, passing directly under the homes of those nearby. If you don’t want fracking companies pumping toxic chemicals under your home, you can say so. Then, any drilling there becomes trespassing; the frackers would be breaking the law.

Recent newspaper reports suggest that fracking companies are worried that the law as it stands could stop or delay them from drilling. They are lobbying the Government to change the law so that they can go ahead and drill without the consent of residents.

Right now, the Government has put nearly two-thirds of England up for shale (including Monxton and the surrounding areas), without fully understanding what effects fracking is likely to have on local health or the countryside.

Read more about fracking here

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