Lorries and Co-Op

Monxton Parish Council has recently had two meetings with Co-Op and TVBC/HCC and we are working together to stop the negative impact of lorries through our village.

Various Monxton residents have spoken to lorry drivers who appear to be lost or trying to turn around. This has shown that many suppliers still held the old address for the Co-Op, which mentions Monxton Road and also calls the building a CDC or RDC (Composite or Regional Distribution Centre) and omitted the phrase ‘Andover Business Park’. MPC has reported this to the Co-Op. MPC also suggested that the directions given to drivers were not as clear as they could be and suggested adding photographs of the site itself and the road signs at the relevant exits on the A303.

So MPC has requested that the following is now being implemented as soon as possible:


  • Issue a statement to all suppliers to strongly remind them to update their databases with the accurate and up to date address for the CDC at the Andover Business Park, mentioning the words ‘Co-Operative’ and ‘Andover Business Park’, and excluding anything saying Monxton.
  • Create new directions for HGV drivers which will include photos of the Co-Op CDC, and road signs on the approach of the slip roads and roundabout, and be easily understandable with fewer language barriers.


  • To improve the signs at the entrance to and around the Andover Business Park


  • To improve the road signs and road markings leading to the Andover Business Park, and discouraging routes down Monxton Road
  • Add a new sign at the top of the west-bound slip road showing Monxton to left, Business Park straight on, and town centre to the right (or similar) and road markings
  • Add Andover Business Park signs in Collingbourne Ducis to route via Tidworth & A303
  • Ensure ABP is well signed from the east-bound A303, and ensure exit at prior junctions is dissuaded (so no routing via E. Cholderton, Quarley or Amport)
  • Ensure all the approach roads from the A303/A343 etc that could possibly pass through Monxton have the correct signs to dissuade HGVs
  • Add to the ‘No HGV’ signs leading down towards Monxton, possibly at the roundabout by the Army HQ
  • Move the ‘No HGV’ sign currently situated after the railway bridge to BEFORE the bridge and traffic lights

One comment on “Lorries and Co-Op

  1. Peter Parfrey says:

    Well done!
    Excellent work and a very positive series of measures,(most of which should have been carried as part of the original development).
    However, I am still in favour of demolishing Red Post Bridge.
    I wonder if the owners of the new megashed will be so “co-operative”?
    How do Clegg and Brooking sit in relation to the`exclusion zone`, as they now use the village as a regular short cut for their huge and very loud coaches and double deckers?


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