Parish Council Minutes – 15 January 2014

Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 15th January 2014 in the Monxton Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Sarah Dowding – Vice Chairman; Cllr Judith Balding; Cllr David Eaglesham; Cllr David Bateman; Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk; Members of the Public – 4; Borough Councillor Mr Ben Few-Brown; County Councillor Mrs Pat West
Apologies : Cllr Mike Cleugh – Chairman and David James NHW

WELCOME – Cllr Sarah Dowding welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Cllr Judith Balding declared and interest in the issue of flooding.

Cllr Sarah Dowding signed the minutes of the November meeting as a true record.

There were no pre-booked slots for this meeting.


ENVIRONMENT – Cllr Judith Balding
PILLHILL BROOK – TVBC have advised us that they are expecting a planning application in the next week to implement works to the dam. In addition, the retrospective application for the bridge should go to committee soon, no time frame has been provided.

PUMPING STATION – The Pumping Station started flooding on 1st January, and continues to do so, despite two tankers pumping out 24 hours a day. The adjacent field remains flooded with grey water and sewage. Tests done on Friday 10th January by Southern Water showed contaminated water is now only a few feet from the Pillhill Brook. Many residents have reported the threat of pollution to the Environment Agency. Their pollution incident hotline is 0800 80 70 60, and if it is registered as an incident, the EA are required to investigate.

The flooding from the pumping station has caused drains to back up, with an adverse impact on some residents. Cllr Balding is in contact with representatives from Southern Water, TVBC, HCC, the Test and Itchen Association and the Environment Agency. Southern Water’s Area Manager for maintenance in the north of Hampshire has instigated a detailed investigation, which is ongoing. A meeting is planned with all the parties concerned, to discuss what action can be taken to avoid this happening again in the future.

The problems with the pumping station was discussed further. There have been mixed reports from Southern Water on the state of the pumps, but it was noted that the flooding has never been so bad. Cllr Mr Ben Few Brown stated that the EA and HCC have not had any success on the issue of the weir, and he wondered if as a result of the recent flooding Southern Water could put any pressure on the landowner to adjust the weir and remove the dam.

This will be put to Southern Water when the meeting is held.


SUNNYBANK – Cllr David Bateman
RESIDENT’S HEDGE OVERGROWING PAVEMENT – Cllr David Bateman reported that he had spoken to the resident about the overgrowth of the hedge that’s impeding pedestrians walking on the footpath. The resident informed Cllr Bateman that they could not afford to get the work done at the present time (summer 2013). Cllr Bateman then contacted TVBC (works number of 21034684) and received an email to state that they could not do the works. Cllr Bateman has again spoken to the resident (Friday 10th Jan 2014) and has been assured that the hedge will be cut before it starts to break into bud.

ENTRANCE TO SUNNYBANK – The road surface has crumbled and the drains have subsided due to lost lorries turning into Sunnybank. This has been reported on several occasions over the last couple of years. The works number for this is 21003770. In October 2013 Cllr Bateman received an e-mail regarding this problem and  was informed that the problem had been inspected and it should be completed within two months. Here we are nearly mid January 2014 and still no sign of the work being carried out.

SALT BIN IN SUNNYBANK – Cllr David Bateman reported on the correspondence regarding the filling of the Salt Bin in Sunnybank since November 2013. He was pleased to report that a new blue Grit Bin has been delivered and filled with grit.

OVERGROWN HEDGE IN RED POST LANE – It was reported that part of the hedgerow opposite Red Post Farm was badly overgrown and if you needed to pull close to the hedge because of oncoming traffic you ended up with scratches on the car, the hedge is mainly made up of hawthorn which has very long spikes on it. Cllr Bateman investigated and found that the area in question is behind the Goodmans site. Cllr Bateman registered a complaint, the first one with works number 21057360 said that this had been rectified, after investigation he found that this was not so. Cllr Bateman took photographs of the of the offending hedgerow and sent in another complaint on the 6th January 2014 (21062056) and to date the work has not been carried out.

FLOODING ALONG ANDOVER ROAD – Cllr David Bateman reported that there has been a lot of flooding from Silver Birch Farm along to Monxton Track. This is not a new problem, and I have been informed by residents that live along Andover Road that it has been like this for many years. Shortly after I made the complaint (firstly to TVBC by phone) I mentioned that the drains are full of sediment and they need to be sucked out and jetted. Shortly after I made this complaint workmen turned up to clear the large ditch opposite Silver Birch Farm. I was rather pleased to get such quick action but still the drains have not been cleaned. I have two works numbers 1. 21058692. When checking on the web site it said enquiry resolved.

Cllr Bateman reported that he had raised another complaint the second works number being 21059090. The photographs which showed that even though the ditch had been cleared it was full of water and the drains were overflowing causing large swathes of lying water all along Andover Road towards Monxton Track. I checked the web site frequently and a comment showed that “Further Investigation is required” I have made several comments but to date (Friday 10th Jan 2014) nothing has been done.

TRAFFIC – Cllr Sarah Dowding

  • New Signs installed – Horse and Rider (Broad Road and Abbotts Ann Road); Junction (Abbotts Ann Road and Chalkpit Lane); Road Narrows (by Lilac Cottage); Bend Ahead (Broad Road); No HGVs (by railway bridge – this is in the wrong location and will be moved soon)
  • Signs to be installed asap – No HGVs sign for Chalkpit Lane
  • Meeting with TVBC and Coop – December 2013: Cllr Sarah Dowding reported that lorry movements were discussed. The Coop said they would tighten up the delivery route with their suppliers, there will be re-issue maps with photographs and the correct address for the Distribution Centre. The Coop are strict with their own drivers and they are fined if they do not use the designated routes. Goodmans will be asked to provide a better sign for the Business Park.
  • A number of requests have been made to Nelson Lorries and Langdown for a one way system – full lorries through Quarley and empty through Monxton – this has been working, but there have been reports of the full lorries coming through Monxton.
  • Next projects for the Traffic Steering Group: Village Gateways; Speed Indicator Device; Community Speedwatch Scheme; Extending speed limit zones (Broad Road and Green Lane); Possible bollards for small green (Abbotts Ann/Broad Road) (Next meeting 5 February 2014)
  • Cllr Dowding stated that further information on the Community Speedwatch Scheme is needed so a balanced decision can be made between this scheme or a Speed Indicator device.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH REPORT – David James – Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator
Reported crime has been low over the past two months. With the arrival of the cold weather and oil tanks being topped up the Police have warned about possible attempts to steal heating oil. The advise ways to make the oil less attractive to thieves including :

  • ŸConsider a `sudden drop’ alarm on the tank.
  • ŸFit a PIR activated light/alarm.
  • Fit an alarmed padlock, (available via the police, and very substantial they are too, also suitable for sheds).

Crime Alerts – Since the last meeting an alert was issued on the 7th December which was distributed in Monxton and posted on Monxton Matters. It covered Police advice for Christmas on dwelling burglary, vehicle crime and personal safety.

Cllr David Eaglesham gave a full report on the Monxton Parish Council Finances. Balance Sheet attached to the master copy of these minutes, available to view on the Web Site and displayed on the Village Notice Boards.

The precept request form for the year 2014/2015 was completed and signed by the Clerk so it can be submitted to Test valley Borough Council. The Parish Council have received a Bill of £1990 for the recent election and will ask for a breakdown before this is paid.


  • Application for the retrospective planning for the bridge at Upper Mill House, Ref 13/01556/FULLN – still awaited date for TVBC Committee
  • ŸApplication for a new weir at the junction of the old river and the mill race still awaited from Lord Tanlow.
  • ŸAlpine Group development at Manor Farm. Good progress on finding a new location — 2 identified locally. Good progress on finding a developer who is interested – with Bloor Homes now in discussions. TVBC meeting with interested parties in the next few weeks. MPC will be engaged and involved in any development and have sign off through the planning process along with AAPC
  • ŸPERMISSION – 13/01776/LBWN – Change of front door and replacement floor in kitchen -School House, Amport Road.
  • ŸA recent article in the Andover Advertiser mentioned the possibility of 1500 houses a Little Park at Abbotts Ann. This will be investigated.

There was a brief discussion on the facilities in Andover – it was felt that there is no sign of these being improved to cater for the large number of homes being built.

Views since start (Feb 2013) : 21,817.   November : 1879   December: 1288   January: 1104

Delayed until the spring due to the lack of interest this winter.

  • Ÿ  Village Green clear-up
  • Ÿ  Village Pond project
  • Ÿ  Village verges weed reduction

Cllr Sarah Dowding suggested that the Parish Council should consider their position and make a statement on issue of Fracking. Possibly conducting an on-line poll of residents. Cllr Mrs P West stated that HCC are releasing a statement on Fracking and she will pass this on to the Parish Council.

Cllr Mr Ben Few Brown stated that none of the Parish Council’s have applied for his Borough Councillor grants that are available. TVBC also have grants available for Village Halls. This will be looked into.

Cllr Mrs Pat West reported that the Andover Library are reducing their evening opening hours as there have been problems with harassment of the staff.

Cllr Sarah Dowding thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

Wednesday 19th March 2014 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm

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