A Warning to Dog Owners

There have been a number of deaths of dogs reported after they have been exposed to a mystery toxin.  Many of those have been walked in the New Forest, Dorset, Worcestershire, Cornwall, County Durham and Surrey.  Dog owners need to be vigilant amid fears the deadly disease is more widespread than initially thought.

Dog owners have been warned to look out for wounds that do not heal or lesions on the limbs or face of their pets.  Additionally, if your dog becomes quiet, starts vomiting or stops eating then please seek immediate advice from your vet.

The Monxton Pumping Station continues to flood the adjacent roads and area with polluted water.  As a precaution, and as there has been an unexplained death of a local dog (which is not necessarily connected) we would like to advise dog owners not to walk their dogs near the Pumping Station, until it has stopped flooding.

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