St Mary’s Church, Monxton

Monxton Parochial Church Council would like to thank all those who responded to our village-wide letter and questionnaire and in particular for the valuable suggestions and recommendations received. These will now be carefully analysed and followed up where possible. Unfortunately in the conflicting interests of preserving confidentiality and identifying individual responses we are unable to reply to all responders individually.

The result of the survey showed that of the 120 households contacted exactly half responded and of those 98% felt the church in Monxton is a valuable part of the village community, while only one respondent felt the church to be of no value.

Cold Statistics

Households: 120

Responses: 60

Positive answers to questionnaire Question One: 59

Negative (though two respondents felt we could do better): 1

From St Mary’s Monxton therefore a heartfelt “thank you” to you all. It has certainly raised our morale on the PCC.

Monxton PCC members: David Baugh, Valerie Whitewick (Wardens), Richard Balding, Bridget Busk , Eleanor Court,  Judy Crick, Brenda Gower,  Charmian Howarth,  Diana Jones , Oliver Sutton,  Jean Wood.

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