Andover Foodbank

Message from Jenny Lelan :
“The Andover foodbank would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated food and non-food items over the past few weeks. The Andover foodbank continues to be extremely busy. In the month of March we gave out a total of 139 single boxes and 127 family boxes – double pre-pandemic levels – and this week we have helped our first family of Ukrainian refugees. We are working closely with the local council to ensure that they have everything they need when they arrive in our community.”

This week the Andover foodbank is urgently in need of the following food items: Tinned Fish, Tinned Meat, Tinned Fruit & Long Life Fruit Juice”

For several years St Mary’s Church Monxton have been supporting the Andover Food Bank and there is a collection point for food items in the church. Alternatively, there are collection boxes in most Andover supermarkets.

Understandably, the current financial situation has meant that less food is being donated and consequently the Foodbank has had to resort to purchasing necessary items to deal with the extra demand. Any help with donating food or money would be very welcome. Food items (not money) can be left in church and will be taken to the Foodbank on a weekly basis or if this is a problem, please call 01264 710641so that collection can be arranged.

Donations for Ukraine – Update

UPDATE 2/3/21 21.30

** we need to know of bulk donations coming in and get a LOT more people volunteering here to box ** we also need so many cardboard boxes please **

Donations can come in but if you have time please label them and sort them. If you have many donations like 7 big bags let me know first.

* Adult clothes are not a priority at the moment
* Medicines. First aid kits and Blankets (not duvets) are a priority
Bring in what we asked already but if you can send clothes to the charity shops if not sorted …  or hang on till we box and ship more important items needed at present then that gives the refugees what they need.  And you can still donate them to the refugees that are coming to the UK who desperately need these. 
*FYI clothes take a lot longer to sort and check and we know that is no longer a desperate need as Poland was inundated with clothes.

* Today we had an emergency call for blankets and medicines.  We sent that van with an incredible amount of boxes. That van is going straight to the distribution front line in Poland.  The guy driving will text me and tell me EXACTLY what is needed and we will then let you know.
* Today we also checked, boxed, labelled and moved 2 TONNES of 12 PALLETTES from Amport Church to the lorry pick up (thank you Able & Cole and all the volunteers especially as there were not many but they worked so VERY hard)

* We need MORE VOLUNTEERS but everyone… oh my… was incredible.  We were like a machine and we did more than all of us could believe.  So hats off and so many praises to the volunteers who relentlessly stayed all day or most of it and worked their socks off.

One more thing I want to say.
* we had tears of pain and happiness of kindness and emotions at times high mainly touched by the amazing effort by all from big to small.
* we paused each and every volunteer to take a moment at how overwhelmingly amazing some of the items were or the sheer volume of new stuff you got and we all know we need.
* the volunteers were so hard working we have all been shocked how we did so much and have done our best to receive stuff tomorrow. 
It really is a blessing to see! We have a very amazing town of people!

Volunteer time at:
* St. Mary’s Church, Amport, SP11 8BW > Best location 10am to 5.45pm (looking to extend this)
* if we need drivers to take things to Able & Co (where the lorry is) then I will do another post.

Thanks, Kristan Barraclough

St Mary’s Monxton

You are warmly invited

to our Christmas Services

here in Monxton

on Christmas Day

10.15am Family Service

(Don’t forget to bring a favourite present to show us and a corny Christmas Cracker joke)

There will be a short and informal Holy Communion Service at 11am also on Christmas Day

Other Christmas Services in the area

Sunday 19th Dec 6pm Carol Service at Quarley

Tuesday 21st Dec 7pm Carol Service at Amport

Wednesday 22nd Dec 7pm Carol Service at Grateley

Christmas Eve 3.30pm Christingle at Amport

11pm Midnight Communion at Amport

Christmas at St Mary’s Monxton

Christmas at St Mary’s Monxton

Sunday 12th Dec

            11.00am       Carols with Holy Communion

Traditional carols, reading and reflections for Christmas


Christmas Day

            10.15am       Family Service 

Festive fun and the Christmas message for all the family


            11.00am       Christmas Day Holy Communion

We welcome everyone to our Christmas services.

Please join us if you can.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting – 19 March



ON MONDAY 19TH MARCH 2018 at 7.30 p.m.


 Opening prayer

  1. Apologies
  2. Election of Churchwardens (Vestry Meeting)
  3. Minutes of previous A.P.C.M. held on 28th April 2017
  4. Matters arising
  5. Clergy Report
  6. Electoral Roll Report
  7. Secretary’s Report
  8. Financial Report
  9. Church Fabric and Churchyard Report
  10. Deanery Synod Report
  11. Elections:
    a) C.C. Members
    b) Resolution to alter the number of elected lay members to the P.C.C. to come into force in 12 month’s time
    c) Sidesmen
  12. Appointment of Independent Examiner
  13. The signing of “Fit and Proper Persons” legislation form by PCC members and Trustee Declaration form
  14. Any Other Business

Closing Prayer


  1. Elections of a) Vice Chairman    b)  Treasurer     C)  Secretary
  2. General Data Protection Regulations – Data Privacy Notice and Consent Form

Looking Up – new church service – Sunday 15th October

You are invited to

“Looking UP”

a new service at Monxton church

finding God – being found by God


Sunday 15th October 4pm
3.45pm: hot chocolate and doughnuts
4.00pm-ish: worship begins
4.45pm: home time!

We want you to feel welcome and at ease – so no dressing-up, no books – (everything on data projector)

Featuring: “Strictly Doughnut”: can your dad eat one without licking his lips? And what has this to do with the love of God?

And if we don’t laugh a lot we’ve missed out on the nature of God

See YOU there 

PS keyboard, sax and guitar band. Would you like to join in? (any age)

Matthew – 07960 299 434 and 

Christmas Shoebox Appeal


Dear Parishioner,

This year we, at St. Mary’s Church, Monxton, will be making up Christmas shoe boxes for distribution by Andover Foodbank.

Over the last ten years Andover Foodbank has distributed more than 5,000 Christmas gift boxes to local children.  These are some of the comments received by the Foodbank last year.

‘Shortage of money and anxiety make it very difficult at Christmas. The shoe boxes were a huge help and had such lovely things in them that it made Christmas for us’

 ‘Like all parents we want to try and make Christmas as special as we can.  Without your kind donations this just wouldn’t be possible, it’s such a great feeling knowing my kids will have presents to open.’

Not only have you provided a physical gift but happiness and a much needed morale boost that money cannot buy’ – Children’s Services

If you would like to make up a whole shoe box or donate some items, then we can provide you with a list of different age groups and examples of what to pack.  We also have a limited supply of empty shoe boxes.

If you would like to join with us then please contact Charmian on 710221 or Valerie on 772030 for more information.

We will be delivering our shoe boxes to the Foodbank on Friday 11th November.

Alternatively, you may wish to donate cash online at

Many thanks,

St. Mary’s Monxton



Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations

Monxton and Amport are planning a street party in Monxton on Saturday 11th June to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. We are having a village meeting on Wednesday 16th March (7-7.45pm), to have the input from as many people as possible to see what residents would like to see or do to commemorate the event. Do come along and get involved please!