Southern Water

The Monxton Pumping Station on Chalkpit Lane continues to flood, but Southern Water have assured us that they treat all incidents of foul flooding from the public sewerage system seriously. .

If you feel that the current continuous untreated sewage overflows onto the public highways from the pumping station constitutes a health hazard to either humans or animals, or you have been adversely affected in any way, please complain in writing to Southern Water.

Their complaints procedures and contact details are as follows:

Complaints about water or sewerage – please call 0845 278 0845. Southern Water will try and resolve your complaint as soon as possible. If they cannot and you are unhappy, please ask to refer your complaint to a manager and they will make arrangements to call you back. If you still remain unsatisfied then your case can be reviewed by the Customer Relations Team. If that doesn’t work ask your case to be referred to the Director of Customer Services and Revenue.

  • Technical & 24 hour emergency helpline: 0845 278 2845
  • Billing helpline: 0845 272 0845
  • Report a leak: 0800 820 99
  • Automated Services (Notify change of address, pay bills etc): 0845 270 1508
  • Southern Water, PO Box 41, Worthing, West Susses, BN13 3NZ

Click here to see the full Southern Water Complaints procedure.

One comment on “Southern Water

  1. Adrian Drage says:

    I would urge fellow residents to complain; some of us are on day 52 of blocked drains and slightly fewer of sewage flowing down Chalkpit Lane and overwhelming the drain and collecting at the crossroads, let alone flowing on the adjoining field.
    If residents of Monxton were minded to telephone SW rather than use the expensive 0845 278 0845 number, could I recommend that you use the 0800 0276152 number – after a slight pause you get to the same place. And/or visit the Say No to 0845 website for other useful numbers!


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