Nelson Lorry hits vehicle in High Street

On Wednesday 12 March a vehicle, belonging to a resident on the High Street, was hit by a Nelson lorry, breaking off the back of the wing mirror.

The driver of the lorry was aware he had done this, as he watched the part hit the ground, but chose to drive off rather than stop. The resident fortunately saw all this happen & gave chase. The driver refused to stop, in spite of lights being flashed & horn sounded. It was only when the lorry was reversing in to an entrance & the resident blocked his way, that he was able to speak to the lorry driver. The driver was apparently ‘less than polite’ & tried to deny the incident, but then blamed the Monxton resident, even though he was in the house at the time and the van was parked correctly & legally on the road. Previously, three other HGVs had passed without a problem.

Accidents happen but to drive off is out of order. This lorry has been going back & forth continually for the past few days, full & empty making a mockery of the promised agreement to use a one-way system, using Monxton just for exiting the site with empty lorries.

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