Alpine & Manor Farm Update

An update on the progress to secure sites for the relocation of Alpine and Penchard from their agent:

Despite a very thorough search, it was not possible to find existing buildings suitable for Alpine’s and Penchard’s businesses and it took an appreciable amount of time to find sites in an acceptable location which could be developed to provide the accommodation needed by both companies, particularly as the provider of those sites also has to be the purchaser of the Manor Farm site, once the companies have been relocated.

The companies are in the final stages of agreeing designs and specifications for the new buildings for Alpine and Penchard and they will then enter into negotiations to agree terms for the acquisition of the buildings and the sale of Manor Farm. Those negotiations should be concluded before Christmas and then the purchaser of Manor Farm will submit a planning application for the redevelopment of Manor Farm. That application should be determined by the middle of 2015 and, providing it is approved, the construction of the buildings for Alpine and Penchard should commence late summer and be completed by May/June 2016.

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