Nelsons Planning Application – operating hours (refused)

Application by Nelson Plant Hire Ltd: Variation of condition 3 (operating hours) of planning permission 11/02569/CMAN at Nelson Recycling, Homestead Farm, Weyhill Road, Penton Corner Andover SP11 0QX (application number 14/01527/CMAN)

The Regulatory Committee refused the above application. For any further queries about the case please contact Kristina King on


5 comments on “Nelsons Planning Application – operating hours (refused)

  1. Susan McCausland says:



  2. Peter Parfrey says:

    Interesting to note the supplementary information provided by the applicant, who appears to be unaware of the `access only` restriction for wide vehicles which applies to Monxton, and the three “Unsuitable for HGV`s” signs that his drivers pass before coming through the village.:

    “4.7. The applicant provided a supplementary statement following receipt of the objections from residents of Monxton. The statement concluded that the
    comments were irrelevant in relation to the planning application. It is stated that all vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking systems and on board cameras which provide the speed that vehicles are travelling, all HGVs are operating on a tachograph which also details vehicle speeds. The information is checked daily and the applicant believes that Nelson lorries do not speed on the public highway. It is stated that there is no barred HGV limit through the village of Monxton other than the HGVs which are specifically routed from the co-op distribution centre therefore the applicant states that he is legally able to run HGV vehicles through the village of Monxton at any time of day or night. Not all of the Nelson vehicles park in the Homestead Farm site overnight and therefore these vehicles are able to operate and legally drive through Monxton at anytime.”


    • Cathy says:

      Unfortunately he has a point which is correct about coming through Monxton and using the roads. What we need to ensure is that it is minimum activity and not supporting something that is not blatantly flaunting what he was given permission to originally do.


  3. says:



  4. Stuart Mills says:

    The huge pile of aggregates which are positioned just off the footpath lane parallel has far exceeded the safety regulations for height as the huge mound has actually destroyed the once lovely fence and trees that they had erected a short time ago, consequently, the aggr3egates have now forced its way dowqn destroying everything in its path.
    The mechanical plant operator is placing his very life in danger by operating this machinery on the highest point
    which, despite his skill, would topple over resulting in serious injury or even death.
    This should be inspected by Test Valley Health & Safety.
    Machinery can be replaced, but hiuman life cannot.


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