Monxton v Amport 7 a-side Soccer Match

footie match

To those who already have seen this poster in the pub there have been hearty bellows of support & childlike anticipation.

Now it is time to put proverbial wonga in the vicinity of ones mush, as it were and stand up to be counted, men and women all.

The Monxton v Amport soccer game is to take place on Saturday 28th March. The process of enticement, coercion and general press-ganging of players and supporters alike has started!

We will need to put up a mixed team, so barest minimum requirements are 6 men and 1 dedicated lady.  For those who like to run around for no longer than 5 minutes at a time – best help find a substitute or two, as we will be permitted to go on and off the pitch for as little or as much as desired.

And as is so often the case around the blood-curdling rivalries of amateur local derbies the length and breadth of this fine country, there is the ever-present pernicious threat of ringers, players, semi-pros; with this in mind, only those living in Monxton can play in the team – harsh but fair.

Please let either Marcus Tebbutt-Ford or the Mucky Duck know your availability and eagerness to stick one to the Amportonians; let us not be under any illusion that meanderings are not already afoot within that foreign land – and we certainly wouldn’t want to bring derision and humiliation upon our fair village, turning up on the day with two fine fellows, a dog and a half eaten turnip now would we? The shame.

Monxton will be playing in black, or as close to black as we can all find in our wardrobes.

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