Donations for Ukraine – Update

UPDATE 2/3/21 21.30

** we need to know of bulk donations coming in and get a LOT more people volunteering here to box ** we also need so many cardboard boxes please **

Donations can come in but if you have time please label them and sort them. If you have many donations like 7 big bags let me know first.

* Adult clothes are not a priority at the moment
* Medicines. First aid kits and Blankets (not duvets) are a priority
Bring in what we asked already but if you can send clothes to the charity shops if not sorted …  or hang on till we box and ship more important items needed at present then that gives the refugees what they need.  And you can still donate them to the refugees that are coming to the UK who desperately need these. 
*FYI clothes take a lot longer to sort and check and we know that is no longer a desperate need as Poland was inundated with clothes.

* Today we had an emergency call for blankets and medicines.  We sent that van with an incredible amount of boxes. That van is going straight to the distribution front line in Poland.  The guy driving will text me and tell me EXACTLY what is needed and we will then let you know.
* Today we also checked, boxed, labelled and moved 2 TONNES of 12 PALLETTES from Amport Church to the lorry pick up (thank you Able & Cole and all the volunteers especially as there were not many but they worked so VERY hard)

* We need MORE VOLUNTEERS but everyone… oh my… was incredible.  We were like a machine and we did more than all of us could believe.  So hats off and so many praises to the volunteers who relentlessly stayed all day or most of it and worked their socks off.

One more thing I want to say.
* we had tears of pain and happiness of kindness and emotions at times high mainly touched by the amazing effort by all from big to small.
* we paused each and every volunteer to take a moment at how overwhelmingly amazing some of the items were or the sheer volume of new stuff you got and we all know we need.
* the volunteers were so hard working we have all been shocked how we did so much and have done our best to receive stuff tomorrow. 
It really is a blessing to see! We have a very amazing town of people!

Volunteer time at:
* St. Mary’s Church, Amport, SP11 8BW > Best location 10am to 5.45pm (looking to extend this)
* if we need drivers to take things to Able & Co (where the lorry is) then I will do another post.

Thanks, Kristan Barraclough

Oktoberfest Report

In stark contrast to the weather for the recently successful socially distanced Harvest Celebration just 3 weeks ago, even more locals pitched out yet again in damp and chilly ‘timed intervals’ around Amport and Monxton last weekend, to help raise more funds for local causes. 

This time the same Ladies group joined forces with newly ‘localised’ American Master Brewer, Tim Hartigan, to recreate the atmosphere of a German beer festival inspired by ‘Fraulein’ Melanie Bacon! Pre-booked guests were invited to book a table for a beer tasting and then be served a variety of delicious Bratwurst from the outdoor kitchen which also doubled up as a takeaway for casual passers-by. Declared yet another compliant success in difficult circumstances the event raised another £300 but did so much more than money in supporting social cohesion, goodwill amongst neighbours and of course wellbeing across all ages. Wunderbar!”

Harvest Celebration: Blackberry Jams & Raffle Prize

Autumn Harvest Celebration

Please take the time to visit Windermere House, Chalkpit Lane on Sunday 20th September between 12 noon to 3pm where you will find a range of fresh local produce as well as superb home-made Blackberry & Gin Jam.  All proceeds raised will go to Monxton Church and the Village Hall.  Price: £3.50 per jar or 3 jars for £10.




Win a Hamper

Raffle Hamper

There will also be a raffle to win a fabulous hamper, kindly donated by Rosebourne in Weyhill. Tickets are just £1 and the draw will take place at 3pm.


Apple Treats: Sunday 20th September

Home Made Apple Butter and Monxton Apple Juice

These two delicious treats will be for sale at Lodwick, on the corner of High Street and Chalk Pit Lane on Sunday 20th September, 12 noon to 3pm, as part of the Covid-compliant, socially-distanced Autumn Harvest Celebration.

Apple Butter is made of apples, a little sugar, a squeeze of lemon, cinnamon and cardamom, then roasted long, low and slow (around 7 hours at 140°c) until they are concentrated and the consistency of butter.  Truly delicious on hot, buttered toast or with cheese.  Nicola Dunning has been making Apple Butter for a month now, selling it to raise funds for the Mama Paulina School of Hope in Kenya.  £800 raised so far, the aim is to reach £1,000.  Price: just £5 per jar.

Our Monxton Apple Juice, has been pressed and bottled especially for this event by Kimpton Apple Press.  Price: £3.50 per bottle or 3 bottles for only £10.  All profits to go to Monxton Church and Village Hall.  It is delicious!

It’s been a bumper year for apples!