Election 2015 – your choices…

Candidates for election as Member of Parliament in the North West Hampshire constituency:

  • Andrew Timothy ADAMS (Labour)
  • Dan HILL (Green)
  • Kit MALTHOUSE (Conservative)
  • Alexander Clifford Basil Lee PAYTON (Liberal Democrats)

Leaflets for most of these parliamentary candidates will have been dropped through your door in the last few weeks.

The candidates for Andover West and for Amport Ward (below) have all been asked to submit reasons and information on why we in Monxton should vote for them. Their responses are unedited. Candidates for whom there is no information have not responded to our request.

Candidates who will stand for election in the Hampshire County Council by-election for the Andover West electoral division.

  • Zilliah BROOKS (Conservative)
    • Zilliah Brooks has lived in Andover for 40 years and has been a Millway Ward Borough Councillor since 1999. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this new role and looks forward to its challenges. Her professional life was as a Supporting Living Co-ordinator supporting people with learning difficulties to live an independent life for Andover & District Mencap. She held a management role responsible for 40 support staff and gained experience negotiating with a variety of agencies on behalf of her clients.During her time as Borough Councillor Zilliah Brooks has served on the committees of several local charities including Miss Gale’s educational Foundation, Andover Charity Trustees, Test Valley Arts Foundation and John Hanson School Awards Foundation. In 2011/12, Zilliah Brooks was Mayor of Test Valley which she regards as a great privilege. She enjoyed meeting the many and varied people living in the area and was particularly impressed by the large number of volunteers especially those working with the most vulnerable people in Test Valley.
    • Long term economic plan:
    • Cutting income tax and freezing fuel duty to help hardworking people be more financially secure.
    • Creating more jobs by backing small businesses and enterprise with better infrastructure and lower jobs taxes.
    • Delivering the best school and skills for young people so the next generation can succeed in the global race.
  • Christine FORRESTER (UKIP)
    • My background has been in business in London.  This was until I met and married my husband (a local man) I then moved to Goodworth Clatford and raised my two boys. I moved into Goodworth Clatford in 1984 and I’m still a resident until today.
    • I have always been involved with local issues.  One of my concerns in 1985 was Oil Truck Deliveries that seemed to visit the village every other day, with children walking home from school, proving extremely dangerous.  I set to work  on the problem by call [sic] British Gas.  Explaining to them that while living in Canada,  I had arranged for gas to be piped into my community, not taking NO for an answer.  I proceeded to follow the same procedure and canvassed all the villagers asking who would sign up and transfer onto a new gas line if I could arrange it, with a resounding YES from the villagers of Goodworth Clatford and informing British Gas that they could only make a profit, and not a loss, the village came into the 21 st century with villagers changing over to the new gas line. People were now able to walk the streets in safety and our children gained freedom.Of course we had the doubters who said the village would explode, but I think by now we have proven them wrong.  I also informed a villager in Abbots  Ann how to achieve changing to the gas line.My next project was the Salisbury Road pathway, in front of the  houses, so people could walk to other houses.
    • I’m still campaigning for a mini roundabout at St Johns Cross on the Salisbury Road, this will enable a 30 mph speed limit.  
    • We have two schools where mothers cross this intersection it needs improving.
    • Monston [sic] Quarley plus Greatley [sic] more road problems with NELSON LORRIES. This company is carrying waste and soil through the villages.  Which is causing so much disruption noise and destroying roads, grade two listed buildings at risk, and two years of lorries leaving mud and rocks and are dumping waste in ancient woodland.   H C C are spending  our taxes clean the roads when NELSON should except responsibility for the mess.
    • Greatly [sic], This is becoming more commutable to London, therefore the Rail Companies should be informed about the lack of parking and its problems.  The lack of a footpath over the Railway Bridge should also be brought to the company’s attention.
    • Amey, It seems to be the preferred contractor who are not giving value for our money, when they repair roads they should seal around the edge of the tarmac, this would be more robust and last longer. If we have a problem with a contractor we should change them.
    • Southern Water: Flooding this has been a growing problem over the years, I believe some of the problems are due to our drains not being inspected throughout the year. Also any improvements to the infrastructure are now subject to pressure from share holders dividends.  My Priorities
      UKIP Borough Councilors [sic] are expected to get good value for your money, as we serve the people,  we have no party whip and look at problems on merit.  I will defend the Local Gaps and maintain our green open spaces.  I will review our Waste Strategy.UKIP Supports small business as this is where we increase jobs in our town.Test Valley People,  I will make sure Council Tax payers get better value for money,

      I will look into Quangos and prefer d  [sic] contracts, we should use local contractors to increase employment for the town.

      Providing Homes for Test Valley People that meet the needs of local people.

      Rejuvenate our out of date Business Parks and invest in a Development Management Dept to bring new industries into our town.  We were promised a High Tec Park  at the airfield, but all we got was a Shed.

      We must look towards the future, but retain our way of life.

  • Dean MARRINER (Green Party)
    • DMarriner_1I am proud to be standing in the Andover West by-election for the Green Party.Personally, I have lived and worked in Andover for over 30 years. I work for a well-known company in the town that shares my values, ethics and has a proud corporate social responsibility record. I have been married to my wife Laura for four years and we have two sons, Charlie and Atticus, who like to keep us more than occupied at home.
    • Monxton holds a special place in my heart for a number of reasons. The village hall, back in the year 2000, played host to a weekly practice session for my first ever band. We would turn up, make some noise (now called indie music) for three hours and then go home. Later, in 2003, when Laura and I first started seeing each other, I took her for a meal at the Mucky Duck. Also, since I was 16, Monxton has always featured in my favourite cycle route. I like to cycle as much as possible, whether it’s the four minute dash to work or 100 miles round Thruxton for charity.
    • I think the area needs greater infrastructure to encourage more cyclists. There has been some movement recently in Andover but it’s only half a job. This will improve connectivity to local villages and also promote health and wellbeing. I would also look to continue Pat West’s excellent work with local community groups and clubs. These groups bind our society and my voluntary experience with local schools, 38 Degrees and Andover Trees United will help my judgement and conviction when discussing issues on your behalf.
    • One of the main reasons I want to be a councillor is to protect the surrounding environment from the impending arrival of the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) drills that seem to be creating discussion across the country. There are currently three exploratory licenses in place within Test Valley and the truth is, fracking is a unproven risk. It has the potential to pollute both our water supply and the environment. We have the technology to harness renewable energy. If we allow fracking, we put our environment, water supply and house prices in jeopardy. I think the main challenge will be to convince people that the ‘unsightly solar farm fence’ is a better option than exploding chemicals underground.
    • To summarise: By voting for me, you will get a councillor that looks for ways to improve the cycle network in the area and has a keen interest in keeping your social clubs and community services alive. Most importantly, your councillor will be the first person at the gate if the drills turn up.
  • Michael MUMFORD (Labour)
    • Mick Mumford has lived in Andover for over 40 years, working as a teacher in Harrow Way and other schools, he has run for parliament on three occasions and is committed to serving all the people in the County Division. 
    • Mick Mumford Election Leaflet

There is no Liberal Democrat candidate listed.

A by-election was announced by the County Council following the resignation of the local Member, Pat West.

Candidates for election as Borough Councillor for Amport Ward:

  • Ben FEW BROWN (Independent) (our current councillor)
    • Ben Few BrownBen is the current TVBC councillor, first elected in 2011. Ben is 55 years old and has lived in the Ward, in the parish of Quarley since 1993. He is married to Alison, who is a Governor at Grateley Primary School and they have two children, Emily (25) and Fred (22).
    • Ben is a ‘countryman’ and passionate in the defence of the countryside and the rural attributes of our Ward and Test Valley as a whole.
    • Ben is focused on preventing random planning schemes defacing our existing village framework and in supporting local village businesses, such as our local shops and pubs.
    • Ben is Independent as, having served the Amport Ward for the last four years, it has become apparent that the backing of a major political party is a hindrance, rather than a help. Those in power nationally dictate national policy to local councillors and those councillors have to follow it whether or not it is appropriate to their area or the specific situation. Ben has no such constraints and is free to act in the best interests of you, the residents of Amport Ward.
    • Over the last four years, Ben has been able to procure financial contributions to the local community projects such as grants for the Amport and Monxton Community Charity to produce free maps of the local village walks (being distributed in the next few weeks), Grateley Village Hall’s central heating system, Quarley’s War Memorial repairs, replacing the boiler at Amport Cricket Club and several others.
    • Your vote will count for an efficient and effective Council, with Ben keeping a careful eye on how it spends your money.
  • Christine Ann FORRESTER (UKIP)
    • See information above as she is also standing for the County Council election for Andover West

Polling will take place on Thursday 7 May 2015 for all elections. Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on 7 May and for further information see www.hants.gov.uk/elections

Monxton Village Hall will be the Polling Station for all Monxton residents.

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