Rhythm Time

RT Logo NewRhythm Time is one of the UK’s leading and longest established providers of music classes to babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Our passion is music and its ability to stimulate every part of a child’s brain. As such, we’ve developed a unique set of music courses specifically created for different age groups. Written by Kathy Doolan (a graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music), each course helps with a child’s development and learning. We are also a member of the Pre-School Music Association.

What makes us special?

  • Structured classes provide security and continuity whilst new songs and activities make things even more fun and exciting.
  • All the songs and music are specially written or adapted by Rhythm Time.
  • Teachers use their natural singing voices (ie no singing along to backing tracks as this inhibits a child’s learning).
  • Continuous learning and development as children progress from stimulating baby classes right up to educational pre-school sessions.
  • Fantastic music classes combined with a superb personal service. Plus no joining fee!

What are the benefits to children?
We offer an excellent preparation for school by developing a child’s confidence, creativity, listening skills, language, numeracy and co-ordination. We also help to nurture musical skills such as pitch, pulse, dynamics and rhythm. Plus, it’s lots of fun! We provide all children with a Progress Ladder to keep on their walls – each term they’ll receive a certificate and sticker that they can then place on the chart to show their progress up our wonderful musical journey.

753Young Baby Courses (birth to 6 months)
In their first few months, your baby’s main neural pathways are formed in their brain. So this is the perfect time to help stimulate all their senses with our fun, multi-sensory sessions. In this 4-week, music-based course, we’ll show you lots of special bonding and development activities that both you and your young baby will love. These 30-minute classes will help to stimulate baby’s vision and hearing, promote deeper sleep, improve muscle tone, flexibility and circulation, introduce them to ‘tummy time’, plus LOTS more.

Stimulating Multi-Sensory Baby Class (birth to 14 months)
Our classes aim to stimulate vision, listening and sense of touch. The varied activities assist with balance, development of the inner ear, speech, language and small motor movements. We use exciting songs, percussion instruments and equipment (balls, mirrors, scarves, lycra, sensory blankets, lights, windmills, foil and bubbles amongst others!) (Baby book included in your first term’s fees).

Exciting Toddler Class (14 months to 3 years)
At 14 months, a different development stage requires a new course: With the help of Rhythm Time’s Rat-a-tat puppet, toddlers learn to listen and improve their concentration. Hand/eye co-ordination and motor skills are strengthened by using a variety of instruments, whilst language and vocal chords are developed through singing our simple songs. All courses are in line with the Early Learning Foundation and Key Stage 1 goals. (A music CD is included in each term’s fees).

Educational Pre-school Class (3 to 5 years)
This is where everything comes together. Children learn to conduct, play pitch and rhythm games, listen to orchestral instruments and compose simple pieces amongst other things! Their communication, language, literacy, mathematical skills and creativity will also be developed. All this whilst having fantastic fun!

Monxton Village Hall Classes:
Thursday mornings during term time.
9.30am: toddler class (if enough demand – min. 6 children)
10.15am: pre-school class
11am: baby class

To book your free trial at a Rhythm Time baby, toddler or pre-school class in Monxton, just call Clare on 07833474618, email ClareM@rtfg.co.uk or visit www.rhythmtime.net/cm69

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