Baby CPR

St John’s Ambulance (SJA) has launched a new first aid campaign – Nursery Rhymes Inc. The stars of the show are some beloved characters we think you may know.  SJA research shows that most parents don’t know baby CPR. The good news is that Nursery Rhymes Inc. have got it covered.

Parents told SJA that their baby not breathing is the first aid emergency they fear the most. Most parents find the thought of giving their baby CPR frightening, so SJA have removed the fear factor and made it as easy as possible to learn, by creating a short 40-second TV ad and a longer online song featuring the stars of Nursery Rhymes Inc. who show how to give baby CPR in a reassuring and unforgettable way. The tone builds on the success of our previous campaign, The Chokeables, which helped to save 46 babies’ lives.

You can watch the extended song version online now.

 You can see the TV adverts from January to March 2016 on a variety of stations. The longer song version is also online now on our YouTube pages, Facebook page, Twitter, and the SJA website.

SJA have also created first aid resources just for parents. These include dedicated first aid advice videos, a downloadable first aid poster, and a new Baby First Aid course.

Please share the campaign with friends, family, and colleagues so more people know how to help a baby who’s not breathing.

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