George Bacon – award recognition

GBaconMonxton resident George Bacon has been awarded the British Air Display Association (BADA) Trophy for his outstanding work over the last year.

  • Awarded to an individual or organisation that demonstrates the aims of the association: To encourage, promote and advance Safety and Standards in British Air Displays’

In recognition for his outstanding professionalism, his calm actions, leadership and demeanor whilst under duress, the BADA Trophy for 2015 is awarded to: George Bacon

This citation was submitted by a member of the Association, who was standing on the flight line at ‘Carfest’ as a Gnat disappeared over the tree line and, heard a call from the Flying Display Director (FDD) of “Man Down”, followed by “I’m off to event control”.

From that point on, as FDD George Bacon handled the situation both expertly and calmly under intense pressure from the Police, (who were asking for the show to be stopped) to dealing with the many stakeholders involved in the show with its accompanying media ‘circus’, including the BBC, those from Children in Need and a very distressed Chris Evans.  As a result of his immediate actions, a very hard weekend for all at the event was made far easier by the leadership of this one man.   His speech and, personal tribute to the pilot, to a silent 30,000 strong crowd and in front of cameras, on the Sunday, was in particular, both moving and impeccably delivered.

During the next month, in the aftermath of the crash at Shoreham, he then spent a week on the road giving dozens of interviews to the press, TV, radio and all other media, sometimes facing the raw emotion of public reaction to the tragedy but, always trying to give a balanced viewpoint of UK air display activity and its pilots. He achieved all this, whilst also dealing with his own busy event diary and MOD duties, during a very tense and emotional time for everyone in UK.


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One comment on “George Bacon – award recognition

  1. David Hodgson says:

    Well deserved George. David


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