Monxton Pumping Station

From Southern Water – to explain the activity at the Waste-water Pumping Station in Chalkpit Lane, Monxton.
Presently they are employing eight tankers to help control the flows of waste-water, exacerbated by a high volume of groundwater, into the station.
The station is designed to cope with such flows but an equipment failure has caused a chamber within the station to flood. SW hasten to add there has been no external spillage. The remedy is to over-pump from the wet well into the rising main but to expose the rising main we need the consent of the landowner Barrie Hayward to access his field and dig. Mr Hayward has quickly consented – not the first time he has helped the village – and we are grateful to him.
SW will keep us posted with the progress of the repair. Meanwhile, as they have in the past, SW shall repair any damage caused by the tankers and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Repairs unlikely to be effective before early next week.
If you wish to speak to SW re this event then please quote Ref 3650367.
Tel: 0330 303 1263

One comment on “Monxton Pumping Station

  1. Adrian Drage says:

    For the moment, crisis over: the constant flow of tankers has stopped; SW repair crews remain on site together one (very large) SW tanker – the latter here presumably as a contingency; over-pumping appears to be working. Very fortunately, we do not have the same high ground water levels as in 2014 to contend with. Traffic lights still in operation – marvellous traffic calming effect! However, and before we get any (heavy) rain, a number of drains in the immediate vicinity of the pumping station – on Chalkpit Lane and Andover Road – now need to be cleared; these were only cleared out by HCC on last Wednesday. Proposals for a future-proof solution at the pumping station will be interesting.


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