Moonwalk 2016


By Mel Bacon, Nicola Dunning & Katrina Saville

In September last year I found myself telling my family that I would like to ‘Walk’ the London Moonwalk in May 2016!   This sudden impulse to ‘do’ something was brought on by a few (6 to be precise) really close friends having being diagnosed with breast cancer in form or another!  What really struck me most was that they are all, young, fit and just lovely ladies and I have found it really hard to understand how this could happen!

So I decided that it was very important to not only raise money to fight this dreadful condition but to also raise awareness of how common it appears to be in my age group of ladies.

With the support of Nicola we embarked on many training sessions; on one walk to Salisbury we had to ask for directions about 7 miles in! (the map ran out) – so we asked a chap in his garden if he could confirm the footpath we were on took us to Salisbury! His reply made us giggle, “What! That’s miles away!” and then asked where we came from – again his reply was, “What! that’s miles away!”

During the training I met some wonderful like-minded ladies but I would like to say a big thank you to Nicola (and Saffie) and Emma (and Dexter) for letting me join their dog walks and for keeping me on track!

Our moonwalk training started this year with The Stonehenge Stomp, a 20km walk organised by the Amesbury Amblers on the last Sunday of January every year.   Such a wonderful walk, we thought we’d name our team after it… the Stonehenge Stompers.

Fundraising is an important element of taking part in the walk and this year our team will have raised over £2,000 by the end of it with the villagers of Monxton contributing generously in various ways, notably at our St George’s Day dinner in the Village Hall last month. It was as much fun to put together as it was on the night.

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