Black Swan updates

Monxton Parish Council are pleased to announce that formal confirmation has been received that the Black Swan pub has now been registered as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). This extends the time for the village to raise the funds required to purchase the pub to the 13th April 2017, with a further protected period to 13th April 2018. This will prevent the property being sold to another party during this period.

It is hoped that the community  will be able to acquire the Black Swan to safe guard its position as Monxton’s only pub. There has been great support from Monxton, Amport, Abbotts Ann and further afield and £10,000 has now been raised for the fighting fund.

The Monxton Community committee met on the 19th October at the village hall and are progressing well with the various work streams. The committee is now in the process of developing the business plan and will be organising a village meeting in the coming weeks to present the business case and plans for the pub. Check the Monxton Matters Black Swan web pages for news or sign up for the newsletters.

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