Black Swan Car Park – update

Monxton Parish Council has received a notice this week from TVBC, which confirms that the Asset of Community Value application for the Black Swan Car Park, has been successfully appealed by Enterprise Inns, which has been upheld. This means the Car Park is no longer an ACV.

Monxton Parish Council has no intention of counter appealing as the car park is part of the Black Swan package currently for sale, and as such it makes no difference in the short term.

Enterprise Inns have advised that they have tolerated the use of the car park by residents and others as an act o goodwill and that there is no right to entry. They have confirmed that signs prohibiting use of the car park by non-patrons of the Black Swan will be re-erected together with a barrier and prohibition will be enforced.

In the event that the pub is purchased for development it will almost certainly be the case that the car park will see a planning application for a new property. However, in the event that Monxton Community group, with the support of villagers, succeeds in buying the pub plus the car park and the village green, it will be at the discretion of the new Black Swan management as to whether villagers are allowed to park going forward, as has been the case in the recent past.


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