On Tuesday evening (14th February) at around 9m there were fireworks in Monxton. Whilst we don’t wish to curb people’s enjoyment, we would like to draw your attention that Monxton Matters received a number of complaints from concerned residents about their animals being affected, children being woken up, and also about the possibility of fireworks damaging/destroying thatched roofs.

A number of animals, both pets and livestock (and no doubt wildlife), were affected by the noise of the fireworks. There have been many cases where livestock have been injured or killed by fireworks, albeit indirectly.

We kindly ask you to let Monxton Matters know if you’re planning fireworks, so we can inform residents. Residents will therefore be forewarned both for their animals and to keep an eye on thatched roofs etc. Please ensure that any firework displays are well away from buildings.

There are now suppliers of ‘quiet’ fireworks and we urge people to purchase these instead – although it doesn’t lessen the fire risk.

Thank you for your understanding!



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