Black Swan Update Public Meeting 22nd March

Whilst news appears to have been quiet on the Black Swan, a few local residents have still been working hard behind the scenes to work on a business proposal for the possible community purchase of the pub.

The moratorium period (triggered by Monxton Parish Council due to the pub being an Asset of Community Value) ends one month today – at 5pm on Wednesday 13th April 2017. If we are to put in an offer, we’d ideally like to do so before this date.

There will be a public meeting in the Village Hall at 8pm on Wednesday 22nd March 2017.

The current team will:

  • Present an overview of the business proposal
  • Ask for financial pledges for the project
  • Ask for help with the project – looking for committee members for the Community Benefit Society

IF there is not enough support for the proposed community purchase then we shall withdraw from making an offer and Enterprise Inns will be free to sell the Black Swan pub, car park and village green to whomever they wish, with the most likely outcome that both the pub and the car park will be redeveloped for housing.

At the very least Monxton Parish Council has offered, and will continue to offer, to purchase the village green for a nominal sum. However, it must be noted that this may or may not happen, and there is a possibility of the electricity sub-station being moved onto the village green before the transaction is completed.


For any information please contact Sarah Dowding on 710375 or Please let us know if you can attend the meeting.

2 comments on “Black Swan Update Public Meeting 22nd March

  1. Mark Byrne says:

    I visited my mum whom lives in the village in February from Australia, home for the past 28 years. The contrast between Monxton and Amport with its vibrant pub couldn’t have been more different. Monxton had lost its soul. As a kid I was probably responsible for a lot of angst from a lot of villagers but it had a heartbeat. Communists coexisting with dyed on Conservatives. In February I found the place, like Andover thoroughly devoid of activity and a place of greyness and sadness. Dont let the pub die. If you do I cannot see how you wont become a commuter ghetto of nice people living nice country lives with little connection. Please dont hold my mum responsible for any of my comments.


    • Mark. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about the Mucky Duck. Ultimately a few of us have put in a lot of time, effort and enthusiasm to get the facts and supporting information to present to the village for a final time next week. It is then up to the villagers as to whether or not they see fit to support the pub- both financially in the first instance to purchase it, and then to keep coming as customers if we re-open. I sincerely hope we’re successful, but there is a lot of cash to raise in the interim! Time will tell….


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