Flashlight Hats and Village Hall Funding

There is a great opportunity to do some Christmas shopping and help with the funding of the Village Hall.

A new, local Hampshire Business called Bright Eyes Hats, run by Jon Marquis who is a friend of several people in Monxton, has designed a great new product for kids. These are animal hats in the form of Racoon, Cat, Unicorn and Panda with powerful LED lights in the eyes allowing them to be used as a head torch and keep kids safe on dark winter nights.

Jon has launched a funding campaign on Kickstarter.com to raise money to fund marketing and new designs for the business and has promised to give 10% of the funds pledged, by everyone in the villages. Villagers making a pledge (minimum £12) will get a reward of a Bright Eyes hat(s), which will be delivered in time for Christmas. 

Jon has kindly said that if anyone in the Monxton, Amport or surrounding areas wants to make a pledge (and if he is able to reach the target) he will give 10% of the monies pledged by local residents to the Village Hall Fund.

The village hall team need funds for the project for a new building and every contribution helps and creates a win, win, win situation. Please also forward this link to friends, relations and co-workers

On Kickstarter Jon is promising that the first 500 pledges will receive their hats before Christmas, so if you would like to take part in this campaign, which helps to raise funds for the Village Hall fund please use the link below and go on and make a pledge.

Also please email the link to all your friends as well and post the link on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc, to ensure this campaign goes viral, because it will only be if Jon makes his target that we will get the funds we need.

Check out the video on the website which tells you everything you need in 15 seconds.


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