Manor Farm, Abbotts Ann – Alpine Group

Monxton Parish Council Meeting – Tuesday 12 February 2019

7.30pm, Monxton & Amport Village Hall

We have invited the team from Alpine Group, who are currently based at Manor Farm, Abbotts Ann, to make a presentation of the plans for building a limited number of houses at the Manor Farm site in order to fund the move of the business to a new location in Andover.

If successful, this will end years of large steel lorries coming through Monxton causing noise, pollution and distress to residents, especially those on the High Street, Chalkpit Lane and Abbotts Ann Road.

The Parish Council is supporting this application in principle, subject to the details of the application being published.

We urge all villagers to attend this meeting and ask questions, so you can decide whether you wish to support or object the application. In the event you support the plan we need you to write to TVBC to support the application. Objectors will no doubt write with any concerns they may have with the plan.

As many of you may be aware the development is in Abbotts Ann parish, and AAPC are likely to object . The proposed development is outside the TVBC planning policy and as such will only be considered if Monxton villagers write in to support the plan.

One comment on “Manor Farm, Abbotts Ann – Alpine Group

  1. Mike Cleugh says:

    To all villagers

    The Alpine presentation regarding their planning application can be downloaded using the link below.

    Please ensure you write a letter of support to TVBC planning team if you want to stop the lorries coming through the village.

    If you have any questions call me on 07836 792545


    Mike Cleugh
    Monxton Parish Council


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