Parish Council Meeting: 12 February 2019



There will be a meeting of Monxton Parish Council at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 12th February  2019, at Monxton Village Hall.

Heather Bourner, Clerk to Monxton Parish Council

1 Apologies for Absence clerk  
2 Public Participation & Declarations of Interest  


3 Presentation

Alpine/Penchard re planning application to build some houses at Manor Farm to fund the move to a new site/workshop at a new location in Andover.

4. Village Hall Proposals Chair  
5 Minutes

(i) To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 16th October 18

To report on any matters arising.




6 Report on environment & footpaths    
7 Report on Website    
8 Report on traffic    
9 Finance

i)  To note the bank balance as at


Lloyds £22677.93

ii)To approve the following payments and sign cheques:-

H Bourner sal                     £509.35

H Bourner exp                    £35.00

H Bourner add hours          £104.48

Thruxton PC Lengthsman  £475.50

TVATPC                             £15.00

County and Borough Councillors Report















(i)              To note the following TVBC decision:

(ii)           To receive the Planning Advisory Committee’s recommendations on the following applications:

19/00070/FULLN & 19/00071/LBWN- Re-roof existing outbuilding Field House
12   Attendance at Events Chair
13 Correspondence Clerk
14 Any Other Business Clerk
15 Date of Next Meeting Clerk Provisional date 16th April



2 comments on “Parish Council Meeting: 12 February 2019

  1. Helen mead says:

    I am fully in support of properties being built on the proposed site.
    Anything to stop those huge lorries
    I apologise for not being able to attend the meeting.
    Can I also know the parish councils views on the development of the The Black Swan, as the proposals of the owner was rejected by you


  2. Mike Cleugh says:

    Hi Helen

    The parish council has not received any proposals from DC Li for the pub.

    Please feel free to call me to discuss your comment as you appear to be in receipt of some info to which the parish council are not privy.


    Mike Cleugh
    Monxton Parish Council
    01264 710276


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