Flood Warning

A Flood Alert has been issued by the Environment Agency.

Flood Alert in force: Possible groundwater flooding in villages surrounding Andover.

Communities at risk of groundwater flooding include Weyhill Bottom, Kimpton, Amport and Monxton.

Be prepared.

Following 6 months of above average rainfall, groundwater levels in the villages surrounding Andover are high and rising. At Clanville Gate, the current rate of rise is slow, at 0.2m per day.  Over the next 5 days the weather remains dry, but the groundwater will continue to rise over the next 10 days in response to the rainfall which was recorded last week. We continue to monitor the forecast. Please remove any valuables stored in cellars. If you use pumps to help reduce water levels, please ensure they can operate. This Flood Alert will be updated by 25/01/2020.

To check the latest information for your area–

* Visit the GOV.UK website to see the current flood warnings or check the 5-day flood risk forecast

* Or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 using quickdial code: 216002 .

* Tune into weather, news and travel bulletins on local television and radio.

What you should consider doing now

* Monitor local water levels and weather conditions.

* Avoid walking, cycling or driving through flood water.

* Flood water is dangerous and may be polluted. Wash your hands thoroughly if you’ve been in contact with it.



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