Black Swan Planning Objection

Please see below The Parish Council Objection to the recent application for change of use at the Black Swan

Reference 20/00723/FULLN & 20/00724/LBWN -Change of use Black Swan, Monxton

Monxton Parish Council object to the planning application to convert the Black Swan pub to a house on the following grounds:

The pub was successfully registered by Monxton Parish Council an asset of community value (ACV) as was the village green and as such has this protection.

Conversion of pubs in Test Valley is against the TVBC policy which prevents de-licencing and conversion of pubs. DC Li Ltd has made no attempt to re-open the pub as a free house so cannot claim it is not viable when the Hawk with a similar catchment area is very successful. Having two pubs in the same area makes a better draw for people in Andover and surrounding areas as they are both unique in their offerings with the Black Swan having a wonderful garden backing onto the river. COM14 refers

Test Valley Borough Council Policy E9 Heritage states that heritage assets such as the ‘Black Swan’ are ‘irreplaceable’ and ‘should be retained wherever possible’. The building is Grade 2 listed and no changes should be permitted to enable any conversion, in addition the damage made to the pub over the years by the previous owners needs to be remedied to prevent further deterioration of the building.

The policy says development affecting a heritage asset will be permitted provided that: a) it would make a positive contribution to sustaining or enhancing the significance of the heritage asset taking account of its character, appearance and setting; and b) the significance of the heritage asset has informed the proposal through an assessment proportionate to its importance. The Monxton community believe that the Black Swan is a Heritage asset and irreplaceable and the TVBC Policy E9 should be enforced allowing the pub to be returned to its position as the focal point of the village.

Villagers are encouraged to make individual comments to this application direct to Test Valley Borough Council.

One comment on “Black Swan Planning Objection

  1. David Bateman says:

    This application has everything against it! As stated it is a community asset and therefore should remain as such. If it goes then the heart of the village dies with it. I am sure that it will be a viable venture if it remains a public house with the right landlord to run it.


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